Around the world exercise: 5 most impressive climbing spots

Around the world exercise: 5 most impressive climbing spots
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It’s true that when nice temperatures and good weather come around, we all get in a better mood to practise some sport.

If you are one of those people who always go for the risk and love feeling the adrenaline running through your veins, climbing is a sport you definitely have to try. If you want to get some landscape inspiration, as well as useful information about impressive climbing spots, these next ones are going to open open up your appetite

Tsaranoro, Madagascar

These rock walls are considered one of the biggest challenges for climbers in Africa. It’s a destination that’s become pretty famous among the addicts to this sport in the early 90’s.The mountains themselves are not the highest, but what makes it famous is the Tough Enough, a route is ranked as one of the hardest in the world. If you don’t take this unfriendly route, you would be able to conquer the Tsaranoro in just one day.

climbing around the world exercise in madagascarSource: Simon Carter


Yosemite, United States

Considered as a must for every type of climbers, Yosemite is a “sacred” 1000 metres spot that has been a witness of some of the most legendary climbs of history, especially since 1950. It’s usually called The Captain by mountains passionates, and it has that much importance in the climbing world, that people that have actually reached the highest points (just a few ones) say that you are going to leave there you should and mind. You will have to be really prepared for such a feat, focusing your energy in balance ad subtlety more than in brutal strength.

yosemite-compressor.jpgSource: Pinterest


Picos de Europa, Spain

If you happen to live near Spain or can get around to knowing the country in a nature related way, you will definitely find some perfect places to climb, such as Picos de Europa, concretely in its Natural Parc, that is very popular attraction for all sorts of trekking and hiking lovers. If I have to recommend one specific spot, Naranjo del Bulnes would be the one. You will be able to approach to Naranjo whether you’re an amateur or a professional, due to the different levels of difficulty you’ll find here.

naranjo-bulnes-picos-europa-niebla-compressor.jpgSource: Pinterest


Mount Asgard- Baffin Island, Canada

This spectacular mount is one of the most beautiful one in the continent and it’s located in the Auyuittuq National Park, as the Canadian Encyclopedia explains, in north-east Canada. The impressive natural constructions of rocks are going to leave you speechless (even more than usual) if you head to this spot when the snow is still very noticeable. The mount will reflect in the crystalline water of Turner Glacier. Asgard has a higher peak than the other ones I recommended: exactly, 1200 metres. Not bad. Especially if you plan on establishing yourself in portaledges, taking into account that your ropes can easily freeze.

Source: Pinterest


The Trango Towers, Pakistan

For getting to the end of the article, this spot is the one that alpinists are the most afraid of. It really inspires quite some respect and being extremely careful. Its walls are one of the most difficult and dangerous to climb in the world. The highest peak is at a height of 1300 metres and getting there can take you up to 20 days. Pretty scary. So obviously, this is a challenge that only expert climbers can face; it’ll be exhausting and all the route extends to 6.000 metres. Although getting to the top (in this spot and the other ones I mentioned, of course) has to be one of the most pleasant sensations ever. Just go well prepared and accompanied by people who know what they’re doing.

Source: Synnott Montain Guides

As I was saying, in my personal (and inexperienced) opinion, climbing can be one of the most rewarding sports ever, even if it’s in a “dangerous” place. Even if you hands end up bleeding, your years frozen or you have to sleep in let’s say pretty strange positions, everything will be worth it once you get your objective and get over the goal you have set to yourself.


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