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Apps and Sustainable Tourism: 6 Ways to Travel Responsibly

Apps and Sustainable Tourism: 6 Ways to Travel Responsibly
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We’re all equipped with smartphones and we should use them to better travel and this is why we came up with these 6 apps that will help you design a more sustainable trip. Enjoy!

Happy Cow for Finding Vegan Restaurants Wherever You Are

This is personally my favourite one! The chubby friendly cow will tell you where all the vegan and vegetarian restaurant are in the area around you, no matter what country you’re in. You’ll know if the place itself is 100% vegan/vegetarian or if it’s a “normal one” but offers vegetarian dishes. The app will tell you what the vibes of the restaurants are like, so you choose the one that adapts better to your mood. Take into account the footprint of a vegan person is less than half than the footprint of someone who eats meat. So that’s something big.

alt="Apps and Sustainable Tourism"Happy Cow



Pack for a Purpose for Giving Back to Locals

We always have things that we don’t need when traveling. And much, much more stuff at home obviously. So this app was created for travelers to be able to find participating lodges and local projects to collaborate with. You will know through the app what things these projects are needing so you can pack them beforehand and drop them off when you arrive at your destination. As you can see, it’s totally possible to help even from miles and miles away.

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Green Travel Choice for Reducing Your Footprint

This app tracks for you all the C02 emissions in your area. No matter what kind of transportation you’re using, this app compares how much the car pollutes, compared to the bus, for instance for a certain route you choose. So you’ll be able to always use the one that is less aggressive with the environment! And the best part is that they want to make a difference, so they’ve partnered with TIES (The International Ecotourism Society) and Commute Greener!, to ensure a real impact.

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Tree Planet for Planting Real Trees While Playing in the Road

The concept is this simple: you play and real trees are planted all over the world. That’s it. The idea is originally Korean and your goal during the game is to protect a cute baby tree from attacks. Now you have different versions available and it’s really entertaining, especially for those long, long hours you have to spend in the road, in a bus or train during your trips. Make them pass by faster with nice ideas like this one!

alt="Apps and Sustainable Tourism"Tree Planet


Good Guide for Shopping Ethically

So we all know that not all of the products we buy when we travel are ethical or locally produced, a fact that leads to local communities receiving less money from what they elaborate. This is why Good Guide exists: to shop more smartly, letting you know which products are better for your health, which ones are greener or the ones that have been produced in a more respectful way. You just have to scan the barcode and the information will appear in your phone in a blink of an eye for you to see what products suit best your values.

alt="Apps and Sustainable Tourism"Good Guide



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Spinlister for Borrowing a Local’s Bike

How original is this idea? You’re a responsible traveler who doesn’t want to pollute while you visit any city so you decide to do things differently and live the local experience while meeting a local who will lend you his/her bike to travel at your own pace. The app works all over the world and you just have to pay for the rental and that’s it, you’ll be knowing locals and not polluting at all! If you’re fond of practising other sports like surf or snow, Spinlister also allows you to rent surfboards or paddleboards. So you have plenty of options to have fun while going local and doing some sport!

alt="Apps and Sustainable Tourism"Spinlister

I’m sure you also know some apps that are worth a try that want to make of this world a better place to live. Just as we do. Leave your recommendations in the comments section so we can learn altogether!


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