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9 flower blooming destinations for the upcoming summer

9 flower blooming destinations for the upcoming summer
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As you might know, there are hundreds of different kinds of tourism to do and all of them are really exciting, adventurous or even romantic. Why not?

But one of the coolest I’ve ever seen is the one dedicated to blooming destinations. And just so you know, now in spring, it’s the best time to see beautiful flowers bloom and show their magic in a lot of different countries around the world. If you want to know what these places are, keep reading.



Valley of Flowers National Park, India – Last weeks of July

This incredible land, located between the Ganges River and the Himalayas, is at the same time a national park and UNESCO World Heritage due to the almost ten kilometres of peculiar flowers and wildlife that it shelters. You can find here a thousand different species of flowers (pretty impressive, I know!), some of them being daisies, poppies or lavender.

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Southern California Parks, United States – March and April

A nature phenomenon that is called “wildflower super bloom” takes place here, in the attractive California, where you can see flowers peeking through the desert floor. Given the warm climate of these parks, in April it’s possible to enjoy places like the Death Valley National Park covered with poppies of all colors. If you spot the orange ones, just know that they are the flower of this state.

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Mount Fuji, Japan – Since mid April and all May

May is the best time to see fuchsia fields spread around Mount Fuji, especially if you’re attending the Shibazakura Festival, which is known for honoring this blooming show with local food stalls and cuisine, offering ramen, soups and Japanese buns to the people that come around to witness how amazing and magical nature can be.

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Kew Gardens, England – July and August

This awesome place in London shows that you don’t have to go far away from the city to admire hundreds of beautiful flowers bloom. Yellow becomes the prevailing color in this also UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place shelters one square kilometre of full of tulips, poppies, peonies or cherry blossoms. Even horticulture and photography courses take place here.

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Luoping County, China – March

The Luoping’s canola flower fields in Yunnan Province are some of the most breathtaking lands you will ever see. In fact, this part of the country has some of the widest biodiversity in the Northern Hemisphere, making this area be the flower industry leader in Southeast Asia. Quite some nature addicts come here to take hundreds of incredible shots of these blankets of flowers.

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Tuscany, Italy – July and August

Oh, Bella Italia! You can hear people talking about Tuscany because of so many different reasons, such as art, food or wine. But what about the sunflowers that grow in this magnificent land? They usually bloom in summer, although in other regions you will be able to see them as early as May. Sunflowers will also appear in other regions like Umbria or Le Marche.

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Monet’s House, France – Since beginning of May and all summer long

Raise your hand if you’re in love with French impressionism! Well, you can get to spot many of the flowers that this amazing painter printed in his masterpieces in Giverny. The garden itself is separated in two parts: one around the house that includes flowers like daffodils and the other, being a Japanese  water garden that will totally transport you to the 19th century.

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Flower Bulb Region, Holland – May

Of course Holland was going to be one of the destinations mentioned, but Amsterdam is not our focus. May is when public gardens like the Keukenhof one starts to shelter vast tulip farms, becoming one of the largest botanical gardens in the world- home to seven million flowers. All kinds of bright rainbow colors fill the Flower Bulb Region, being a true nature demonstration.

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Celosia Flower Farm, Philippines – May and October

Not a long-term flower destination, given it’s opened since 2015, but just so you know, it’s called “the mini Amsterdam”. Pink, red, gold and orange flowers can be spotted in this special farm that now is all over the place in social media because of its similarity to Dutch landscapes. The best time to go is in May and October, as soon in the morning as you can!

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This is it for the blooming destinations. If you’re a nature lover (and even if you’re not that much), these places can be some of the most impressive scenes you will be able to see, especially if you’re thinking about planning a spring trip and want to add some colorful magic to your life. Very, very recommendable!


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