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8 amazing landscapes that will blow your mind

8 amazing landscapes that will blow your mind
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When you’re planning your next trip (no matter where you’re heading), you usually know what you’re going to find when you get to the place itself…

A beautiful crystalline beach, a dense green forest in the the middle of nowhere or a mountain covered with powdery snow. But… What if I told you that you can find spots where nature has done its magic and turned them into impressive places to find landscapes contrasts you would’ve never imagined? These impressive places to find landscape contrasts will almost look unreal to your eyes!



Freezing rocks in Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

If winter heaven could be described in just one image, it would definitely be a shot of this place. You can witness here every stage of the water cycle along its 19 kilometre-long glacier, that is accessible just to the adventurers willing to kayak and climb over this valley. Rocks, water and huge pieces of ice will leave you speechless.

impressive places to find landscapes contrasts in alaskaDave C.



Rainbow flowers in Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

The term “hitachi” literally means “sunrise”, and this is exactly what you can spot in this magnificent land: 3.5 hectares of skies of blooming flowers (specially in spring) of all colors. Rainbow-y mosaics shape this amazing park into almost an impressionist painting of the prettiest petals ever. You even have cycling trails for making the most out of the nature environment.

nature tourism in hitachi seaside park japanHitachi Seaside Park  


Looking for natural treasures in Cave of Crystals, Mexico

It’s not everyday that you find a Naica mine underworld full of natural purple and white crystals in a remote mexican village (concretely, an hour away from Chihuahua). This place has been discovered by chance two decades ago, but has been in this world for hundreds of thousands of years now. You can go down just for tn minutes, since the temperature is extremely hot.

cave exploration in cave of crystals mexicoAll that is interesting



Rubi blankets in Red Beach, China

In autumn, the delta of Liaohe river is fully covered with a layer of a peculiar species of algae that has the color of fire and turns this beach into a show of warm shades and seagulls flying above. During the rest of the year, this plant is completely green, but when the cold appears and the red color starts to peek through, this is the perfect scenario for photography lovers and curious travelers.

read algae blanket in chinaBewusst Vegan Froh  



Touching the sky in Mount Roraima, between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil

This spot is just out of this world; it offers you the chance to be a part of one of the oldest mountain formations on Earth, while hiking over 400 meter cliffs that are full of legends and indigenous stories. The top of the mountain is over two thousand meter high and the weather very rebel, it changes so fast. The clouds in conjunction with the rocky environment is going to blow your mind!

mount roraima hikingPinterest



Diving in fire walls in Antelope Canyon, USA

Okay, I’ve never been here before, but just by looking at a couple of pictures, I can guess how amazing it must be to immerse between this warm shades stones that target the Arizona sky. You must feel like a little ant witnessing the huge contrasts of the blue sky and the flame orange rocks. This wonder can just be visited with a guide, due to the danger of instant flooding.

orange walls antelope canyon in USA Tours4fun



Isolated turquoise waters in Ojo del Mar, Argentina

Translated as “Sea Eye”, this haven of peace is located in Salta, North Argentina. The blue lagoon surrounded by salt crust is placed in a desertic mountain area that is said to have now the same environment conditions as the first living beings would have, more than 3 millions of years ago. If you hike to the top of Sacred Macon Mountain, the complete view of the place will make you fall in love.  

impressive places ojo del mar argentinaBlack Tomato



Climbing natural stairs in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

This place has the most majestic aerial view ever. Different layers of green cover the land of this province in beautiful Vietnam. In September and October is when these rice fields are ready for harvest and look the best. This a great place to visit if you want to get to know the rustic life customs of H’mong local people.

rice fields mu cang chai in vietnamEl Nido del Águila

I hope you liked all these places to find landscapes contrasts, I think they’re really unique and not something you can easily spot. If you have any other suggestion or think that there are some countries missing, comment below!


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