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8 DIY travel ideas for your next trip

8 DIY travel ideas for your next trip
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DIY travel ideas for your next tripTravelers, the summer is closer and closer and I know how much everyone loves a good DIY to do in the weekend.

It can be the best therapy if you want to take advantage of your free time while getting ready for your next trip or even create the best memories with your own hands. Let’s get into it and show you these 8 DIY travel ideas for your next trip that you’ll absolutely love!


1. Savings box 

There is no better way to motivate yourself to save money for traveling, than making this kind of box to drop your dollars in it. You know that if you don’t have an specific place to keep your travel savings, they end up being spent in other (not so satisfying) stuff! Am I right?




2. Gels and liquids in papers

Space is always an issue when you’re packing your things to go on any trip, even if you go camping for two days. Fortunately, I bring you a genius idea to save up some space when it comes to your shampoos, soaps and other body related liquids. And it really works!




3. Towel travel bag

You will have no need of carrying your toilet bag in your backpack ever again, because everything you need will perfectly fit in a towel. It is so simple to do and plus, you won’t be looking for your teeth brush for half an hour anymore when traveling!




4. Beeswax wraps

For all my campers out there, keeping your food fresh is always a must when going anywhere. And what better way to do it than avoiding wasting plastic? These wraps come in handy for anything you want to keep extra safe!




5. Map notebook

If you’re one of these travelers that love to take notes when wandering from one place to another, this customized notebook will be perfect for you. It takes almost no time and you know how relaxing it is to write in your tent at night looking at the stars with anything else around you but nature!




6. Organic bug repellent

Speaking of being surrounded by nature… How adorable are mosquitoes during the summer? If you want to get organic and sustainable here and prepare your own bug repellent with all natural ingredients, this one is great to avoid using pests that can harm your skin.




7. Postcards book

Keeping your memories with you (physically speaking) is so rewarding… And postcards are the simplest way to remember how amazing your trip was. You will just need to send a postcard to your own home from all the destinations you travel to and compile them all together once you get home!




8. Customised map

Another smart and decorative way to keep your memories at home is to create your own map! How creative is that!? You can make as many as you want and use it in so many different ways, not just for the wall!



As you can see, traveling can be much more fun than just hitting the road! All you have to do is to make some time to relax and keep your hands busy with crafty ideas to make the most out of your trips. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any other DIY idea for traveling in the comments down below!

Main picture: Jazmin Quaynor


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