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7 nightlife experiences to have fun in Australia

7 nightlife experiences to have fun in Australia
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If you’re heading to beautiful Australia and want to get an overall picture of what the night looks like over there, let me introduce you some cool nightlife experiences you can encounter in different cities.  Nightlife Australia, here we come.

1. Dance your heart out in the Gold Coast

We know some travelers are party animals when it comes to visiting paradisiac destinations like Australia. And the best place to do this is the Gold Coast, where a great variety of pubs, bars and clubs offer all kinds of music, live performances and DJs playing all night long so you can spend unforgettable moments among al fresco bars, fresh beer and and other travelers to hang out with. This scene is perfect for meeting some new friends that may become your next travel companion!

2. Take a look to the whole city from the rooftops in Melbourne

This awesome plan is best done in a city like Melbourne, whose known laneways are a classic among travelers and locals. And this is one of the coolest things: interacting with insiders while having some drinks at a lovely terrace is a pretty interesting and fun plan to do, especially if you’re traveling with your partner or even alone and need a bit of local wisdom. You can even do a walking tour around the most popular rooftops so you can mix typical Australian culinary tastes and some sightseeing!

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3. Hostel parties at Byron Bay

I bet you can’t find anything more authentic (and Australian) than a hostel full of travelers ready to dance all night long. Living your dream party at a hostel does not only allow you to meet other people, but to be able to enjoy all kinds of nighttime activities that allow you to enjoy the local scene as much as you want. Byron Bay is going to be your cup of tea if you’re looking for live music and dancing on the tables with like-minded people.


4. Head to the little laneways in Adelaide

There’s no better place to taste the typical flavours of a city than the smallest bars in the corners of the laneways. Those are the spots where the personality of any place comes out and delights you with the most delicious bites. That’s why doing this kind of plan in Adelaide, especially quarter around Leigh St, Peel St and Gilbert Place, is never a miss. Prices are much more affordable here than in any other place and is full of friendly locals, which is always a plus wherever you go.

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5. Enjoy some live theatre in Walsh Bay

Yes, at night! How cool is this? Walsh Bay is located in Sydney and offers a buoyant scene of performance art venues that paired with all kinds of comedies and musicals, creates the perfect atmosphere for those of you who’d rather attend a cultural event than go to a wild party. A fantastic offer usually comes from the Sydney Theatre Company. Go check it out if you’re up for something like this. Australia definitely has something for every taste, as you can see!

6. Dive bars all night long in Melbourne

Going back to Melbourne, this city is worth mentioning quite some time when talking about party, since it’s actually competing with Sydney for the price of “Best city to party at”. If you’re more into a relaxed mood at night and dive bars are your thing, you can mix this kind of classic night tour around Melbourne with visiting its famous street art spots, which will be your culture crush for sure.

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7. Let the Cabaret in in Marrickville

You didn’t expect this last option, did you? This a plan that’s so out of what most people do to have fun. Marrickville’s cabaret is located in East Sydney and will make you travel to the early XX century in a blink of an eye. Having some drinks, chatting and enjoying the dances, especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, when it’s the most crowded. Artists from all styles make their performances here, going from jazz to funk to soul, depending on the subject of the day. You can taste dishes from all over the world and spend a relaxed moment to rest from your crazy travel routine.


That’s it for today, travelers! Hope this information has helped you choose some cool plans for your Australia trip. I know… So many amazing stuff to do, so many spectacular spots to hit that it’s hard to decide. What’s really important anyway is that you plan your trips in a sustainable way. Try to always support smaller economies, go as local as you can and immerse in the everyday life of the country you’re visiting to soak up all the In case you have some other options you can recommend to us, leave them down below so we can learn together! Until next time!

Main picture by Hanny Naibaho.


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