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Free Outdoor Activities in Madrid for Winter

Free Outdoor Activities in Madrid for Winter
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You don’t know how many things you can get to do in the capital of Spain until you spend quite some days there and explore its beautiful options. I can give a few nice ideas of outdoor activities in Madrid to do during these winter days, when the cooler weather starts to turn leaves brown and makes you enjoy wandering every city you visit with a scarf and a cozy sweater! And they won’t cost you a penny!

A Walk Around El Parque Del Capricho

Especially during fall months! It’s located on the outskirts of Madrid, but the visit is really worth it! You will be surrounded by amazing foliage, little paths covered by trees and leaves in the floor and even swans and ducks swimming in the little lakes you can spot here! The best time to visit el Parque del Capricho is during fall and spring, because the intensity of the colors is at its highest. Big bushes and striking labyrinths of flowers will delight your senses!

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Desert City

Not a place that many people talk about, actually. This huge botanical garden in Madrid is a really nice place to spend an afternoon in and really be in touch with nature. Its size is 16 square kilometers and it has a peculiarity: you can see in here a wide range of plants that naturally grow in arid areas, like cactus, lavender and rosemary.. It’s a experimental place which is divided in different sections that aim to mimic different desserts from all over the world.

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Hiking in Senda de las formas de la Pedriza

This is located in Madrid’s countryside and it’s so special because it’s a vast raw area that is covered with rocks of all forms and textures, which is great for those of you who love a good challenging hike. You are able, however, to choose between an easy and a difficult path, which are 1,5 and 8,3 km respectively. The route is clearly marked with blue signs to not get lost. A curious fact is that all the rocks you’ll see here come from an explosion of magma that slowly cooled off millions of years ago.

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A Route Around la Cascada del Purgatorio

This is also a very pretty place to wander in the colder months because you can trek, hike and get to see a stunning cascade surrounded by a wintery rocky landscape. It’s located in el Valle de El Paular and if you go here while the coldest season, when it’s snowing, you’ll find the cascade frozen, a true nature’s masterpiece! If you feel an extra bit adventurous, you can head over to Las Presillas, an area covered by natural pools which is beautiful to visit all year round.

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Biking or just walking in Casa De Campo

You have plenty of routes in Madrid to do some biking, some easier and another one more difficult, but the one in Casa de Campo is great to stay in touch with nature and to encounter in the way other people exercising, since it’s a place where many locals come to so sports. Yay to immersing in the local life! The route for bikes is 17 kilometers long (you can do a shorter one which is 12) and you’ll see in your stroll quite some nice spots like the Antequina stream.

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Visiting the Lovely Village of Chinchón

Spain in general has some adorable small (and not so small) villages to visit during any season. Chinchon is the perfect one-day visit to get to know from the inside the Spanish culture. You’ll  be absolutely transported to the past century when having a hot chocolate in the main square and visiting the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church. Witnessing a mass can be something very enriching to do, since many, many locals from the village go to church, especially on Sundays in Spain, castles, buildings and nunneries from the 16th century will fill your trip with history and the nicest people.

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I’m very proud to be offering to you these nice outdoor alternatives, because they’re actually so out of the beaten-path. They’re not the typical touristy place crowded with hundred other people wanting to do the same plans as you. So you’ll have nature, the typical Spanish culture and a lot of fresh air to enjoy your trip to Madrid, while traveling with a big part of sustainability and care for the environment, which is always a must in U2GUIDE. Does it sound appealing to you? Leave your comments on other places in Madrid you love, we hear you!


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