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5 free apps for planning trips

5 free apps for planning trips
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I’m not going to mention how stressful can planning a trip be, I bet it’s what you read everywhere. But it’s very true.

You have to add to your daily routine the task of finding a place to sleep, to eat, the best spots to visit, flights (oh, flights…) and all of this while you’re still working or doing your daily life.

Well, my dear friends, luckily enough, we have nowadays very nice free apps for planning trips that will make our life easier. And they work in different stages of your “organizing process”. Here we go travelers!



1. Hopper for booking the best flight deals

This app not only lets you book your flight from your phone, but it also tells you when is the best day to purchase it. You will be notificated when prices drop and you will have thousands of options to compare, choose and buy the perfect flight for your needs.


What the app looks like

alt="free apps for planning trips-hopper"Hopper


2. Packpoint for ONLY packing what you need

This app will do the job for you by generating a list of different outfits you can wear based on the destination, activities you’re doing… You just have to enter some details about your trip and you will instantly know what to pack. If some options don’t convince you, at least you’ll have a base that you can modify as you want!


What the app looks like

alt="free apps to plan trips- packpoint"Packpnt


3. Lonely Planet guides for visiting a new city

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to plan your visits once you get to your destination, this app is perfect because you download the one for your city and, since it requires no internet, you will be able to see whenever you want all the hot spots, hidden cafes and best local places to check.


What the app looks like

alt="free apps to plan trips-lonely planet"Your Flight Reviews



4. Citymapper for moving around

When you get to a new city and don’t want to spend your money on taxis, having an app that helps you use public transportation wherever you are is pretty handy. Buses, trains and subways lines will be available for you, as well as the fastest ways to arrive to your destination.


What the app looks like

alt="free apps to plan trips - citymapper"The time out London blog



5. XE Currency for having your money under control

When you travel to a country that has a different currency than yours and calculating prices becomes a nightmare (specially for not ruining your beautiful budget), this app is so useful to use it on the go keep track on how much money you’re spending in your trip.


What the app looks like

alt="free apps to plan trips - xe currency"Android Appstorm


If you’re not already into the “planning apps”, you’re definitely missing out. You just have to give them a try and do things in a different way from what you’re used to (and have some internet connection for most of them!) . They end up being so helpful and lifesaver when time flies before the departure. If you know any other app that will smooth our travels, tell us in the comments!



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