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5 breathtaking and cheap spots in Latin America to visit

5 breathtaking and cheap spots in Latin America to visit
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Our destination today? Latin America, where you can find from the most beautiful and relaxing beaches in the world, to really impressing icebergs, streams or ancestral constructions. And all this, you can find with incredible low prices tags!So, are you thinking in going on vacation to a place you’ve never been before? If the answer is definitely yes, but you’re also concerned about how much money you’re going to spend, let me give you some ideas of cheap spots in Latin America to visit!


1. Argentinian Patagonia

cheap spots in Latin America to visitSource: Miguel Mansilla

Let’s begin with my native country. I’m originally from Argentina, so I can proudly say that it’s one of the most exciting and friendly countries you can visit. If you’re looking for cheap places, Buenos Aires, the capital, is not actually an affordable one.


The spot to visit:

But instead, you can go to the Patagonia, where you’ll find the Perito Moreno glacier, the most famous and visited ever. It was declared Humanity Patrimony by UNESCO and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by the huge masses of ice you will be seeing.

Sometimes, they fall apart and separate from each other and it’s hands down one of the most awesome things you’re going to presence ever. If you’re a lucky traveller, you will also see some nice (or not that nice) whales swimming through the ocean.


Helping nature out:

So, if you’re feeling philanthropic and want to help this beautiful environment not to get harmed by humans (as it’s sadly happening), go check Parque Patagonia, a community that shares one passion: the commitment to protect the nature of this magnificent land.


2. Antigua in Guatemala

antigua in guatemala visit latin americaSource: David Amsler

Ok, let’s continue with Antigua, a small city you can visit 45 kilometres away from the capital of the country, Ciudad de Guatemala. It’s a great alternative to visiting the typical place tourists usually go, because it’s much safer and has a different feeling from other cities you’ve seen before. Being there is like going back a hundred years in time, while you walk around the colonial houses.


The spot to visit:

A lot of activities for visitors are offered here, such as going to the Tikal temple or to the Atlitán Lake, which you can see from outer space. Isn’t it wonderful? Fun little fact: the locals make a delicious chocolate, known all over the world. Give it a try! Make your trip so much sweeter!


3. Potosí in Bolivia

latin america potosi in BoliviaSource: Esto es Bolivia!

Here you have what travelers say to be one of the most affordable countries in the world. No, you haven’t misread. Latin America, besides offering many breathtaking beaches and huge capitals with millions of people ready to make your trip as comfortable as you want, allow you to visit cities like Potosí, which has a history that can be told through its constructions from the XVIII century and friendly locals.


The spot to visit:

For instance, you can get to see La Catedral, la Casa de la Moneda o la Torre de la Compañía. The places you can visit in Potosí are all about gothic style in architecture, Christianity and colonialism. So if you’re into these subjects, don’t hesitate to go there and soak yourself in the kindness of its people.


4. Región de los Ríos in Chile

Region de los Rios in Chile Latin AmericaSource: Charles Brooks

If you’re hands down a traveler who loves mountains, no pollution, streams of clear fresh water and getting involved in outdoor activities all day long, Región de los Ríos in Chile is going to be your next crush. It’s definitely way cheaper than Santiago (the capital) and has a different feeling to it.

A friend of mine, who’s by the way a Chilean, is totally in love with the enormous areas of woods, the waterfalls you can take a dip in and the fact that you can make this trip by car, which is the best way, because it allows you to admire the green landscapes and the little boats that go fish in its magical waters.


The spot to visit:

Plenty of touristic activities take place in Destino Siete Lagos and Cuenca del Lago Ranco, which are protected natural areas where you must switch on your most “responsible tourist mode” in order to enjoy nature while being sustainable and having a positive impact in the region.


5. Praia do Forte, Brasil

Forte Beach in Brazil cheap places Latin AmericaSource:Nailton Barbosa

Now it’s time for hot weather, big waves and warm beaches that will make you do not want to leave the country. I mean, I don’t know any traveler who’s willing to come back to his/her hometown after a couple of weeks wandering some beautiful places. But when if you’ve been to Praia do Forte, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

It’s not about being a really affordable destination, it’s about its palm trees, the crystal-clear water, the finely mild sand and, of course, the contagious happiness of the people that will surround you. My mom used to live in Brasil when she was young and she says that the word “depression” doesn’t exist there.

One of the best things you’re going to appreciate is the fact that a lot of Brazilian tourists go to Praia do Forte on vacation, so you will actually get to live and learn from local people, who all they care about is not harming the environment while they have a good time surfing, getting enrolled in aquatic sports or watching whales stay by.


The spot to visit:

Yes, if you go to Archipelago de los Abrolhos, you’ll be impressed by the fauna and flora of the region, almost as incredible as the smiles and joy that the locals spread everywhere.


Helping nature out:

As I just told you, one of the greatest attractions of this types of destinations are the different species of animals you can get to see. Not only you’re going to sunbathe in almost white sand, but you’re probably going to swim with all kind of animals, which most of the times, need to be protected. So if you’re concerned in that matter, Project TAMAR is doing great at accomplishing a lot of environmental education programmes, focusing on protecting marine turtles, not just in Praia do Forte, but in many other places in Brazil.


Anyway, I can tell you from experience that Latin America, no matter what country you’re heading to, is so worth a visit! The thing you’re going to remember the most? The kindness and warm hearts of every single person you’ll meet. Be ready for that because you won’t want to come back!

But in case you’re prepared for some more action, let’s keep changing the world simply by travelling, you & U2Guide!


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