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21 summer destinations from travel Instagrammers

21 summer destinations from travel Instagrammers
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destinations from travel instagrammers
Welcome on board, travelers! Summer is already here and I guess most of you are choosing your swimsuit, thinking of laying in the beach for twelve hours in a row…

… Feeling that boho spirit in your body even before taking off. Am I right? If that’s not the case and you’re looking for some inspiration to come to your beautiful minds, check this summer destinations from travel Instagrammers and start dreaming right now!


1. Utah, US

Ryan, from @pausethemoment, has made all of uf us drop our jaw and want to visit the Zion National Park, where all kinds of earthy nuances are waiting to be discovered! Yes to hiking in paradises!




2. Sahara Desert, Morocco

The perfect destination no doubts to stay in contact with nature and your thoughts… It seems to have conquered Matt’s heart, from @expertvagabond. I couldn’t guess why!




3. Kyoto, Japan

Nothing special here… just a walk through a bamboo Forest in beautiful Japan. Gareth, from @tourist2townie, seems to be quite relaxed. As usual, traveling is the best to unplug!




4. Pamukkale, Turkey

Okay, I can clearly see why Steph, from @stephbetrabel, is featuring Pamukkale’s National Park in her Instagram. It’s like being in the middle of an amazing dream…



5. La Digue, Seychelles

Do you even need words for this picture? Jeremy, from @jeremyjauncey, seems to be pretty astonished by the landscape as well! The contrast of colours is everything.



6. The Uluru, Australia

Way more beautiful in person. This lost paradise that’s been there for over 600 millions years, has captured the spirit of @doyoutravel! Far away but stunning…



7. Rayen, Iran

Yes, @triphackr! Clint has captured the perfect angle to show how beautiful this country can be. And not just the landscapes… People are definitely the best!




8. Providencia, Colombia

Interesting thoughts Celinne, from @thenomadoasis, shares with her followers in the picture. Not only a breathtaking place, but very humble and worthy people!




9. Côte d’Azur, France

I think I know why Marina, from @marinacomes, poses in this magical lilac landscape. You can get lost between this colourful land that invites you to taste the purest French flavours.




10. Kauai, Hawaii

An unavoidable place in summer, for sure! @dametraveler is making all of us dream with this magical swing in this stunning views. Would you also go to Kauai right now?




11. Barcelona, Spain

Just look at these wonderful views of Barcelona with the blocks and the Cathedral and tell me you don’t want to go. @suitcasemag is also quite impressed!




12. Port Vila, Vanuatu

Yes to supporting local lifestyles! What better than a Pacific ocean island to dive into the daily life of a tribe and spend a different kind of summer? James, fom @jamesasquithtravel, knows it well!




13. Cinque Terre, Italy

The magical houses of this Italian land can make anyone fall in love. Allan, from @chaiwalla, doesn’t need to say anything… The views are enough by themselves!



14. Shanghai, China

Mel, from @girleatworld, can take you anywhere in the world and show you in really creative pics the typical food you have to try! Is it appealing to go to crazy Shanghai now?!




15. Lankanfinolhu, Maldives

Did you also stare at the colour of the water for like one whole minute? I did! @passionpassport knows how to make us wish we’re already in the beach!




16. Ulsan, South Korea

Just amazing views with the sun peaking through the rocks… Chris, from @chrisburkard, really knows how to capture those special moments!




17. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

What about spending your summer afternoons laying in the grass surrounded by these beautiful landscape? Not a bad idea… Jessica, from @tuulavintage, is also dancing around the flowers!




18. Hallstatt, Austria

Go, Europe! Not only it’s aa affordable destination for summer, but it is, as you can, so charming and picturesque! Geoff and Katie, from @wandertooth, want to introduce us into these amazing lands!




19. Niagara Falls, Canada

This miracle of nature doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion! Why aren’t more people talking about this? Dave and Deb, from @theplanetd, captured the perfect combination of pink and blue hues here!




20. Lisbon, Portugal

An affordable city, amazing people, landscapes and food! That’s what the Australian photographer Sam, from @samearp, must have thought to spend a few days and take this nice shot!




21. Topes de Collantes, Cuba

Ending up with this incredible national park, where you can find so many little cascades doing a bit of hiking. Not bad for spending some days lost from society. Would you do the same than Anna, from @anna.everywhere?




Hope you’ve liked this list of destinations that are perfect to head to this summer! Also hope you’ve been inspired from this travel bloggers to start planning your next adventure (if you’re not living your summer adventure already!). If you have any other amazing place you want to share, leave it in the comments so everyone can check it out!

Picture: @gypsea_lust


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