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16 tips on how to take good care of yourself when traveling

16 tips on how to take good care of yourself when traveling
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 how to take good care of yourself when traveling

My dear travelers, how many times have you been in a long trip, suddenly looked in the mirror and thought that you should start sleeping a few more hours per day?

Even if you’re having the time of your life in your dream travel, when you go from one place to another, take planes, trains and buses, party and live all the adventures possible in a relatively short period of time, it can take its toll in your body. That’s why I’m here to give you some helpful tips on how to take good care of yourself when traveling.


1. Water, water and more water

Drinking enough water while traveling is the main way to keep your body in good shape, rehydrating from all the exercise, hot climates and alcohol you might be exposed to during your trip, no matter how short or long it is.

Remember: 3 litres a day, keeps the doctor way 🙂


2. Extra vitamins

You don’t notice how many changes your body go through while traveling until one day you start to feel really tired or your hair starts to fall off. It happens. That’s why, between all the party, hikings and the fun activities you’ll be doing, some extra gummy vitamins can give an extra immune protection.

Remember: Magnesium is great to relax your nervous system, help you sleep and digest better new food.


3. First-aid kit always with you

There are actually quite some travelers that don’t bring barely anything in the backpack related to “emergencies”. At least a bunch of bandages, alcohol, betadine, ibuprofen and anti-vomiting (just in case) are some musts you shouldn’t forget.

Remember: You think that nothing’s going to happen to you until it happens. So… be careful and anticipate!


4. Some exercise everyday

The simplest exercises, like riding a bike or running for an hour in the beach can really make a difference when it comes to feeling healthier while traveling. Not only you will sleep better, but all your muscles will be loosened and more relaxed.

Remember: These extra endorphins you get by exercising will make you naturally more attractive!


doing exercise when travelingSemih Aydın 


5. Proper shoes

Having packed comfy shoes for all kind of traveling situations can save you from scratching your feet with the rocks under the water or having to ruin your good pair of shoes in some lost beach because you forgot to pack a more appropriate pair.

Remember: Flip flops and close water shoes are unavoidable when traveling anywhere. Better be safe than sorry!


6. Body stretches

If you are the kind of traveler who is always hurrying everywhere, you should do at least 15 minutes of stretches a day to relieve your body from your crazy travel routine. Try not to think about anything, close your eyes and enjoy your inner peace for a few minutes.

Remember: Stretching prevents you from injuring yourself, as well as it diminishes pains and improve your balance.


7. Yoga on the go

Speaking of relieving tensions… If you want to take a step further your body well being, doing yoga will definitely improve your everyday routines. Plus, attending to classes for instance, will make you know other travelers or locals.

Remember: You don’t have to become an expert, even doing these four positions will make the biggest difference.


8. Natural treatments

I have no doubt that nature can provide us with everything we need, so… what about a bit of coconut oil for your hair and skin or a mosquito repeller made with essential oils? Let nature take care of you while traveling the world!

Remember: Just look at yourself for five minutes and think about what your body needs; after weeks of traveling, it won’t be hard to tell.


9. Sleep properly

Not a new one, but definitely one of the most important things to do. When you travel, it’s amazing how many activities you can do in just one day. Give your body a rest and sleep your good eight hours, so all functions inside of you can restore and boost your energy.

Remember: If it’s impossible to sleep eight hours, take random naps of 30 minutes per day. It makes wonders to your brain.


sleep properly while travelingChris Thompson


10. Write

Yes! Taking care of your mind is also an excellent way to focus into something creative that takes your mind out of thinking where you’ll spend the night or what your next stop will be in your backpacker journey.

Remember: Letting your imagination work for one hour a day can turn you current travel time into your next blog or book! Who knows!


11. Small comforts

This is something that a budget traveler may not always keep in mind, but among all the tours, visits and schedules you have arranged, how important is it to indulge yourself with (useful) comforts like quality shoes, a good pillow or a worthy backpack?

Remember: You are traveling to feed your soul, so allow yourself to have those little treats that’ll make you travel much more comfortably.


12. Do NOT talk about traveling!

Have you thought about it? Turning off the “travel talk” for a while and just keeping your mind busy with other thoughts like sharing fun stories with other travelers or just telling each other silly jokes will unplug your brain from the crazy routines you all carry.

Remember: No matter what you’re doing in life, switching off for a couple of hours does wonders for your brain!


13. Healthy meals

Eating “natural meals”- meaning rice and tasty veggies for instance- as much as you can, is going to make the biggest difference When you travel, your body has to adapt to many different situations you don’t even realise, so try to feed it with the most nourishing food.

Remember: The perfect snack? All the juicy fruits you want!


eating healthy meals while travelingKawin Harasai 


14. Stay in touch with your loved ones

Especially if you’re traveling for several weeks or months. Staying in touch with your family and friends through Facebook, Skype, telephone… is going to make you keep your feet in the ground, which is not so easy when your whole life has been taken over by traveling.

Remember: Keeping track of how things are going in your hometown will make the unwanted comeback so much easier.


15. Do absolutely nothing

Yes, don’t even hesitate! Take some time just for your thoughts and don’t spend the whole trip running from one place to another like a crazy person. You DON’T HAVE to do all the thing’s you had in mind, it’s okay if you just wander the town breathing deep and relaxing.

Remember: Beating yourself up about following strictly the schedule will cause you unwanted stress!


16. Visit the doctor ASAP

Visiting countries that have different diets and habits than yours, changing your sleep routine and make your body adapt to so many changes can leave a trace in your health, so it’s very recommendable to visit your doctor as soon as you come back from your trip.

Remember: Some physical changes like hair loss or anemia won’t appear until several months after your comeback.

I perfectly know than when you’re traveling, all you want to do is to keep moving, do things, enjoy and have the best time ever, but… Remember that you only have one body, the same for all your travel adventures, so take proper care of it. I can assure you that it will pay off everyday when you wake up and feel really good about yourself!

Main Photo by Aral Tasher.


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