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14 reasons to date a girl who travels

14 reasons to date a girl who travels
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reasons to date a girl who travels
Welcome back, travelers! Lately I’ve been reading and discussing with friends the benefits that traveling has in your daily life…

… Why it transforms you and make you become a better version of yourself. And of course, the bright sides are countless. But… I’ve also heard some impressive (at least for me) stories about how some other people look at having traveled as a flaw. So, my shock when hearing this led me to want to show the world how awesome are wonderer girls.

And with no more delay this is it, these are the 14 reasons to date a girl who travels:


1. She is independent, she does her own thing and doesn’t need you all the time. Such a relief for those of you who more of a lonely wolf.


2. She doesn’t care about material things. Traveling has made her understand that the value of people is inside of their hearts.


3. She is fun and open-minded. When traveling for a long time, she just learnt how not to take things so seriously and joke about anything.


4. She is natural. Almost no makeup, air dried hair, and if you want to take some beers with her at a hippie bar or spend the weekend in a van, she will be more than happy to join you!

A girl who travels is


5. She is carefree, yet responsible. Traveling has taught her what really matters in life, but you can always trust her to do the toughest job and she will get an A+.


6. She has the coolest hobbies. Meaning that she doesn’t need go shopping every month. Instead, she will be stalking every travel website to book the next weekend adventure!


7. She is a saver. She knows how important money is when traveling. The budget is a big part of your adventure, so she will have magic tricks to make the most out of your money.


8. She is confident. By wandering the world, she realised how many amazing things she can accomplish by herself. And this is something she also applies to daily life for sure!


9. She is active. Be sure that you will never be bored with her because she always has in mind some kind of special plan to do. The word “routine” is not in her vocabulary!

a girl who travels is activeSophie Sollmann


10. She is flexible. After so many flight delays, waitings at the lodges counters, getting lost in remote places and greasy food in the streets, you won’t hear her complain.


11. She’s strong. She can take anything. She must have been in so many difficult situation during her trips, that having to cope with small daily problems is nothing for her.


12. She is transparent. She found herself in so many misunderstandings, with other travelers, drivers, sellers or even locals…That being crystal clear is a must when traveling, especially alone.


13. She moves easily in foreign countries. Such an advantage if you join her adventures. You will always be able to get out of any situation due to her experience. Always safe by her side.

a girl who travels moves easily abroadAdrian Williams


14. She is the perfect person to introduce to your parents. A girl who travels never runs out of subjects to talk about. She is very used to meet strangers and engage in interesting conversations.

I’m very positive that traveling the world is the most amazing experience you can have in life, the one that will teach you the most useful and fulfilling things and the one that will open your eyes showing you that there are so many things you haven’t seen yet… And that’s for sure something amazing to share with the person you love. If you have any other reason I didn’t mention, don’t hesitate to leave in the comments!


Main picture: Zachary Staines


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