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10 Peru Nightlife Tips You Should Know Before Traveling

10 Peru Nightlife Tips You Should Know Before Traveling
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Traveling to one of the most exotic and joyful countries of Latin America is the perfect occasion to enjoy nightlife and get a fair taste of the culture… So here you have the best Peru nightlife tips to make the most out of your visit:

1. First, do you love pizza? Well, I’m pretty sure you do, so there’s no better way of starting off your night than eating some delicious Peruvian food and all kinds of pizzas in the “Pizza street” in case you’re visiting Lima. It’s located outside the Kennedy Park and the best part is that you can quickly pass from eating to dancing in less than five minutes, since you have a whole bunch of discos and bars to dance your heart out right next to this “delicious street”.

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2. Peruvian nightlife can be as long as you want – clubs are usually open until very late. It’s a capital where you can mix different styles of music, and where Latin rhythms do not predominate over the others, unlike what it might seem. You can find from jazz music, to hip-hop, to electronic, to salsa, of course…


3. There are some key neighborhoods to party in that are safe and so varied, so you can choose what style of night you want to have. The most famous ones are Miraflores, Barranco, San Borja, Lima Downtown and Chacarilla. These two last ones are not that popular, but can be a good option for having fun in a different way.


4. If you’re visiting Lima, just know that it has 10 million people living there, so you can assume there will be many, many places that can get you entertained. Trust me, you wouldn’t have time to visit them all in one trip, even if you don’t leave Lima. My advice would be to focus on one area, Miraflores for instance, which is considered the safest in LatAm! That’d be the most accessible option.

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5. When it comes to safety, if you stick to bigger cities, the clubs where locals party are relatively safe. They usually have security guards and cameras to keep an eye on the situations in and outside of the clubs. However, it’s recommendable that you go out with people that know the area or research a little bit on the public and general situation of the place you’re heading to.


6. Peru for the most part is not the most affordable country ever. Keep this in mind. But when partying like a local, you can find many free spots that are worth a visit. It’s quite normal in Lima to contact the clubs by Facebook and ask them to get in the lists so you don’t have to pay for entering.

7. In terms of pricing, depending on where you go out, drinking won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A beer is usually around 3-5 USD, a drink 5-10 USD and a bottle of wine can cost you 20-40 USD. So if you party with several people, it’s not that expensive. It’s completely up to you the way you choose to have your night.

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8. In case you don’t speak any Spanish, I can tell you that you won’t need it that much when going out in big cities. Of course it’s advisable to know the basics, but you can perfectly get by with just English. “Peruanos” and especially “limeños” are used to having foreign people visiting, so most locations and places will be properly adapted.


9. For some specific recommendations, you’ll love these places: in Lima, you have Loki Hostel (a classic in Peruvian nights) Pariwana Hostel , Eka bar and Bizarro; in Barranco, Ayahuasca bar and Noise Discoteca and in Chacarilla, Mute is the best option for foreigner travelers.


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10. If you’re a Latin-American lover, you will definitely enjoy Peru’s festivals, maybe the most colourful and most authentic experience you will find. No matter which one you choose to visit. May it be “El Carnaval de Rioja” (Tarapoto), “el Carnaval de Virgen del Carmen” (Cusco) or “Atipanakuy” (Ayacucho). So these are perfect occasions to make your trip fun and traditional at the same time and then continue your night in the downtown. I promise it will be so different from what you’re used to!

That’s all for our Peru nightlife tips! Have some you’d like to share with us? We’ll gladly edit the post, so just leave us a comment below!


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