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10 Best Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Europe

10 Best Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Europe
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If you’re all about traveling to green places where you know your trip is not going to harm the environment at all and… you want to do it in stunning Europe, get some travel inspiration from this list of 10 best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe.


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This Northern country has recently made a societal commitment to achieve a carbon neutral society, believing firmly that getting fast to your destination is not a priority at all. In fact, their VR railway is actually a highly green kind of transportation. Finland has received the Global Green Key Certification, which proves that all eco-friendly stages in your trip are guaranteed when it comes to accommodation.




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The air quality of Iceland is one of the best in the world and it is due to its special geology. They have the ability to produce more than 25% of its power geothermally, a figure that can’t be beaten by any other country in the world. All of the electricity they produce comes from renewable resources and they have the goal to not be using any fossil fuel for 2050! Well done, Iceland!



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They have a very ethical conviction when it comes to traveling. Norwegians really aim to preserve their landscapes and communities by taking care of the environmental actions they encourage. All their tourism is geared towards ecotourism and sustainability, meaning that not impacting negatively on nature and culture is the base for their activities. Conservation is the main goal here.



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Environmental sustainability is the main achievement the government has been boosting for the last 25 years. Thanks to the social practises, like district heating, that the country has been developing, the green-house emissions have been considerably reduced, as well as having one of the cleanest cities in the world, Växjö, which produces half of its electricity from barks and branches from the local forest industry.



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Yes, South Europe also appears in list! It’s the country that has the most sunshine in the continent, so you can imagine that the solar power they generate is huge. They have to goal to make the country run off of this kind of renewable energy alone, no other polluting source. They are working hard to reduce their impact and go to the top of the list of most sustainable destinations.



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I can say that in Denmark, they go a step ahead. The concept of sustainability and conservation they have in their minds affects not only the environment and amazing landscapes, but also all the other actions they do, regarding economics, society… Denmark was the very first country to build a cycle highway and shelters the only island in the world that removed completely the carbon footprint. Bravo!



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Although not a very popular destination among travelers, Slovenia takes really good care of their amazing biodiversity and the natural habitat of the country is one of the best protected in the world. Two years ago, Ljubljana, the capital, was named green capital of Europe. In the travel industry, many hotels now offer electric scooters and green food to guests coming to visit, in order to reduce the environmental impact.



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This small country has a big part of its surface covered by trees and forests, which is taken care of very responsibly. Sustainable forestry makes the pollution level decrease every year and recycling programmes are achieving to recycle 94% of old glass and 81% of plastic containers, including the travel industry. It is possible that tourism affects the environment in a positive way, we just need to take action!



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Hands down one of the highlights when it comes to traveling Europe. It is places in the 10th position in the Environmental Performance Index especially after the ban that’s been made to using plastic utensils, establishing a worldly precedent. The investment that France is making into renewable energies and green electricity and getting rid of plastic consume make it appear in the list!



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Although it’s one of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg has developed quite some valuable ecological policies, has increased the subsidies they give for boosting green energy and its national plan for sustainable development has achieved to protect a 17% of its terrestrial habitats. Luxembourgers are really stepping ahead to make of their beautiful country a greener place to live in.



So here you have it, some sustainable destinations in the Old Continent for you to visit and leaving your positive impact. Because traveling is all about that: spending your trips as green as possible, making wise decisions, that not only affect us, but the surroundings you are visiting, the people who are welcoming you and even their culture. So appreciate all that and show respect when wandering the world. It will come back to you!


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