7 cheap and fun things to do in the weekend in Madrid

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fun things to do this weekend
What comes to your mind when you think about fun things to do in the weekend in Madrid? You may not have many opinions coming up, but to be honest, there are plenty of fun things to do in this lovely city.
Apart from fiesta and cheap cerveza, I am going to break your stereotype about things to do in Madrid.

1- Shop at El Rastro market

El Rastro is a flea market, and it takes place on every Sunday and public holiday. It is the most popular market in Madrid located along Plaza de Cascorro and Ribera de Curtidores, near La Latina metro station. You can buy a big variety of products and there are many antique shops selling furniture from centuries ago on the streets. The market starts around 10am till 3pm. After you feel tired from walking in this gigantic outdoor market, go to a ¨bar¨ and take a beer with some local snacks such as fried sardine, fried green peppers.




2- Hike in the Guadarrama national park

Hiking in a park or forest is always a good way to get out of the madness of the city. Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is a national park in Spain and it is the fourth largest in Spain's national parks system. From Madrid to the national park takes lesser than 1.5 hour drive, and this will definitely make your weekend healthy and refresh your body.


Guadarrama national park


3- Ride a bicycle in Retiro park

Retiro park is like an oasis in the centre of Madrid. Bicycles are accessible in many locations in Madrid, you can simply spend two hours riding your bike in Retiro park. The park itself has 125 hectares, more than 15 000 trees. Inside the park has palaces, fountains, ponds, a lake and different kind of gardens, such as rose garden. So after your bicycle ride, you can also enjoy the theatre with kids, and other activities such as outdoors yoga and martial arts.


Retiro Park


4- Take a bath at Hammam Al Ándalus

This is the Arab baths which are made up three spaces created by water pools at different temperatures and which give their name to the hot, warm and cold rooms. In the winter time or after a long day walking in the city, all you need is this relaxing treatment and an arabian style massage with different fragrant oil. The reservation can be make on their website, and it costs around 40 euros with bath and massage. 


bath in Hammam al andalus


5- Snowboarding at Madrid Snow Zone

365 days in Madrid, you are able to have snow activities! Xanadu indoor ski hills is located in a giant shopping mall (Centro Comercial Madrid Xanadu). This indoor ski hill provides those who need their ski fix, regardless of the season, you can have an opportunity to do so everyday. Price ranged from 5 euros to 32 euros depends on how much time and what activity you want to do.

Madrid snow zone


6- Picnic at Temple de Debod

The Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple which was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid. In the weekend, nothing can be more enjoyable to have a picnic with homemade snacks. On the other hand, the sunset at Temple de Debod can be breathtaking too.

 Temple de Debod


7- Have a blind dinner at RESTAURANTE LA ERA


Once a month, the restaurant Era perform a blind dinner which makes the diners’ eyes blindfolded. The diner tastes a small portion of a plate and try to guess the ingredients, commenting with the other attendees. Then, without the mask, restaurant managers explain the dish and tasted (price: 60 euros).

Another fun part is for only 35 euros. You are having dinner with your eyes blindfolded. When all attendees are already seated at the table, remove the masks and find out who will dine with you that night retire. Dinner includes games and activities to break the ice and feel at home among strangers.

 blind dinner at restaurante la era

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