Affordable vacations for couples on an intrepid Valentine's day

Affordable vacations for couples on an intrepid Valentine's day
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affordable vacations for couples
There’s no better way to spend a romantic Valentine’s day than going out to have some fun with your soul mate. A little nature adventure for those of you who don’t like typical plans as dinners o theatres; just know that there is always an alternative (an affordable one).
If you’re looking for this kind of plan, check out my list of affordable vacations for couples on an intrepid Valentine’s day:

Nicaragua- Cerro Negro volcano surfing

This little country hides a ton of places that are perfect for adventure lovers.

Here you  can visit Cerro Negro, an active volcano, the youngest in all Central America that, as its name implies, is a black hill that lies outside Leon with a height of 728 meters.

It is formed by ashes of past eruptions and you can either surf down on a board its side or walk through the crater itself.  Pretty impressive, I know. 

cerro negro surfing nicaraguaSource: Made in Central America


Latvia – Kemeri National Park outdoor activities

Latvia has more than 560 kilometers of coastline. Such a small country offers you option to visit the dense forests of Kemeri National Park, where many outdoor and fascinating activities take place. You can choose from hiking, cycling, canoeing or cross-country skiing, for example.

A must visit is the Lake Sloka and Lake Kanieris, options that will allow to get to know the country among green landscapes and nature lover local people.

kemeri national park latviaSource: Travel Out There 


Romania- Danube River trek

Not many travelers take into account this lovely country when planning their trip, especially if it´s Valentine’s Day.

But since I’m sure you want to escape the routine and doing things differently, I can assure you that you will enjoy the end of the Danube River, which has a trek trial from Germany that covers 2890 kilometers and leaves behind many beautiful lakes, canals and marshes.

danube river trek in romaniaSource: Pure Travel


Bolivia – A tour around its Pampa

In the Pampa of the Amazonian rainforest, you will have a trip totally focused on wildlife and nature.

Pampas is one of the cheapest options and you will be able to see a wider range of biological diversity, such as impressive alligators, astonishing rodents like capybaras, turtles or giant bugs.

Activities like canoe rides, day and night treks around the jungle or piranha fishing are going to be your cup of tea if “adventure” is the middle name of you and your other half.

Plus, accommodations like Pahuichi Hostel in Rurrenabaque are going to make the trip even more special and romantic.

activities in the pampas boliviaSource: Caritas Ecuador


Spain– Moon diving in Montaña Amarilla  

Not exactly in the peninsula itself, but in Tenerife- Canary Islands. Here you can visit Montaña Amarilla, a paradise for divers that will make you think you’re immersing in the actual moon.

The rock formations spotted here do not allow algae to grow, so you will be floating above strange superficies with no plants or vegetal life at all.

Small fishes and extraordinary waves from the Atlantic Ocean will be your company for a perfect celebration of your love.

 diving in montaña amarillaSource: Hola Islas Canarias 

If I was to organize a special plan for my “chosen one”, I´d like it to be fun, risky and located in a destination that’s out-of-the-beaten-path, so we can get out of our comfort zone and more important, our daily routine.
Make nature and travel be the witnesses of your love this Valentine´s Day. You won’t regret it.


Source: Everton Vila

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