Be amazed by this 9 cultural traditions around the world

Who doesn’t want an entertaining dose of curious traditions around the globe? It’s always interesting to learn how other cultures live, what makes them special, the rites some populations have been carrying out for years that have a great religious, societal or historical value, etc.
It’s amazing how many small (or huge in this case) cultural differences we can find from one country to another.
If you want to satisfy your curiosity, here are 9 surprisingcultural traditions around the world that will prove to you this planet is full of surprises:



In Kenya's Masai tribes, when a baby is born, he/she must be carried by all the women in the clan that are witnessing the birth. Then, in order to wish him/her luck, they must spit in the baby’s mouth because for them, praising a newborn can put a curse on them.

cultural traditions around the worldSource: Global Citizen 



In Iran, if someone offers you something (it can be food, a gift, etc.), you must reject it three times before actually accepting what you’re being given. Doing it another way is a sign of discourtesy.



In one of the Amazonian tribes of Brazil, the Satere-Mawe one, when a boy turns twelve, he becomes a man by putting his hand in a glove full of bullet ants and letting this exotic insect sting him for 10 minutes. Really, really painful.





In Yanomami tribes (originally from Venezuela), when someone dies, aboriginals eat their ashes, so his/her soul can be saved and bad spirits or demons get away from the corpse.

yanomami tribe in VenezuelaSource: White Wolf Pack


United States

In the United States (Pennsylvania), a great number of people gather on the Groundhog Day. If there is sun and the shadow of the animal appears, the winter will stay for six more weeks. On the contrary, if the shadow is not seen, the spring will come soon.

groundhog tradition in United StatesSource: Must this tall to ride



Greece, a very superstitious country. It’s usual for greeks to say “piase kokkino” when two people say the same thing at the same time. Something similar happens if someone sees a black cat: he/she must spit three times. If they don’t, bad luck will come.



As a Christmas tradition, In Austria, in contrast to friendly Santa Klaus, a “demon” called Krampus can be seen wandering around the streets to scare little boys who misbehaved. This tradition takes place the first week of december.

krampus in austriaSource: Daily Mail  



In Sudan, concretely in the Latuka tribe, it is usual that if a man wants to marry a woman, he will kidnap her. The man can ask for the father’s permission first. In case he says no, the man will forcefully marry the woman anyway.

south sudan women
Source: India Weatherspoon



In Germany before a wedding, polterabend takes place. It’s a celebration where relatives crash a bunch of crockery pieces ageinst the ground for the bride and groom to clean them. This action refers to the hard times they will have to get through during the marriage. Anything can be thrown, except for mirrors.

polterabend in germanySource: Madten


Of course there is an infinite number of traditions or curious facts about the thousands cultures in a lot of different aspects, but this is my personal compilation, the ones I think are the most interesting.
Anyway, there’s no better way of discovering amazing things about other cultures than traveling and seeing them by yourself. Just dare to try new stuff and you’ll be amazed by the amount of great discoveries you’ll be able to make.

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