50 inspiring destinations to travel and get to know the world in 2017

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Happy new year, all the usual best wishes but most importantly: travel well! 2017 has been declared “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development” by the United Nations… Let you be inspired by these 50 inspiring destinations to travel and get to know the world in 2017.


I. Remain healthy and in good shape no matter what

inspiring destinations to travel

Sport is among the first thing people mention when we ask them about new year’s resolutions and it seems that 2017 is also about staying healthy… While some people travel to challenge themselves, some other use travel to practice and do some exercise… How about you ?

1. Try new extreme sports such as Zorb, buggy jumping or sandboarding in New Zealand.

2. Hike during the night time in Santiago de Chile.

3. Get enrolled in Tough Mudder, one of the most famous mud race with obstacles in the United Kingdom.

4. Attend to a physical training facing the Mississippi River in the United States.


II. Question our own lifestyle

Question our own lifestyle

Because it’s New Year, it’s important to question our own custom and the things we take for granted… After the huge fest that I’m sure you had for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, use travel to discover other lifestyles…

5. Meet the sherpas, guardians of the Himalaya in Nepal.

6. Participate to one of the many festivals in Peru and discover new ways of celebrating life and history.

7. Live fully immersed in a remote village, disconnected from everything.

8. Discover how people live in Banaue rice fields in the Philippines, where the only way to go there is by foot.


III. Jump in history

Explore Kheops’ pyramid

Witnesses of a cultural heritage or precursors of modern art, in town or in remote villages, those places are definitely worth a visit to remember/discover how life used to be...

9. Explore Kheops’ pyramid and kiss the sphinx (just for the photo) in Egypt.

10. Walk in the traces of the Incas on the timeless Camino del Inca and pay a visit to the Machu Picchu in Peru.

11. Wake up at 3am to have a glance to the relic of Buddha's teeth in Sri Dalada Maligawa, Sri Lanka.

12. Defy the gargoyle and look for the Hunchback of Notre-Dame de Paris .

13. Dip your toes in the history of the ancient Kingdom of Cambodia while visiting the Siem Reap temples.


IV. Let you be guided by the rhythm

batucadas and the Samba

Dance and music are a universal language. How about making a trip to live up to the beat that you feel inside you?

14. Dance to the beat of the exciting batucadas and the Samba in any streets of Brazil.

15. Take some lessons of the mythical and emblematic argentinian dance: tango.

16. Make your own djembé and learn how to play it in any West African country.

17. Attend to an international music festival such as TomorrowLand in Belgium.


V. Meet new people 

underground culture of the Tabacalera

Whether you’re traveling solo, with the love of your life or with friends, what really make a journey worthing it is when you meet incredible people…

18. Discover Taiwan, the friendliest country in the world

19. Be Amazed by the street art masterpiece in London.

20. Join (and win!) a Pub Quiz Québec game.

21. Get inspired by the underground culture of the Tabacalera in Madrid and participate to at least one of the numerous workshops.

22. Discover the gay culture with a local guide in Rio de Janeiro.


VI. Be useful to the environment and to society

Volunteer for an NGO

To travel is to adopt an open mindset, discover new cultures but also have a positive impact where you go to. 2017 has been called “Sustainable Tourism Year” as we say in the introduction so you should really consider one of those:

23. Volunteer for an NGO no matter where if the project is really ethical.

24. Team up with 3 other people, raise 1500€ and run the Oxfam TrailWalker in the country of your preference.

25. Plant trees and (re)discover agroforestry in the Amazonia with Zero Deforestation.

26. Dive sustainably and support a project to protect the underwater world


VII. Awake the adventurer sleeping inside you

Awake the adventurer sleeping inside you

What if 2017 was THE year to live your most passionate adventure ? Maybe something almost unsafe or just something that you’ll remember forever...

27. Challenge yourself with a night surfing session in the remote village of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica.

28. Visit a dangerous country that you’ve been interested in for many years now.

29. Fish piranhas next to wild and starving caïmans sauvages in the Pantanal, Brazil.

30. Defy the Road of Death to reach Cochabamba in Bolivia.

31. Try Ayahuasca (a drink made of lianas used by shamans) in an Amazonian tribe in the middle of the jungle.


VIII. Treat yourself and enhance your own well being

introspection in Bhutan

Travel may also be be about well-being and learning more about yourself. Is that part of your plans for 2017 ? Do you want to start fresh ?

32. Treat yourself with an introspection in Bhutan, one of the very few country which assess itself on the GNh(Gross National Happiness.

33. Take your very first yoga class in the country where it’s born: amazing India. 34. Float in the Dead Sea and then cover yourself with mud to cure all your skins rashes in Jordania.

35. Test the chinese traditional medicine and reflexology.


IX. Taste new alcohols and discover new flavours

 Learn how to cook a Com Tam

Gourmands, gourmets and foodies, this paragraph is just for you…

36. Savor an authentic Guinness on St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

37. Learn how to cook a delicious Com Tam (a specific type of rice meal) in Ho Chi Minh.

38. Taste the most stinky tofu of Shilin Night Market in Taïwan.

39. Find the very best mojito on the “Island of Ron”: Cuba.

40. Do at least one dinner with locals wherever you go



X. Make the most incredible pics

Islas Marietas

Far from the business of the cities, there are so many places to go to in order to take some fresh air and breath… It’s often the places where you’ll make breathtaking pictures…

41. Enjoy the stunning views of the Iguazu falls from the Argentinian side (it’s more nature oriented).

42. Kayak in some places only known by locals in Halong Bay Vietnam.

43. Discover the amazing fauna and flora around Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

44. Loose track of time in an unusual archipel lost in the Islas Marietas, Mexico. 45. Hike to go from one of the 5 villages to another in the UNESCO ranked “Cinque Terres” in Italia


XI. Insolite

world’s highest swing in Baños

Because there is nothing better than getting out of the beaten paths, here are some ideas just for you…

46. Bike above the cloud forest in Canada.

47. Learn how to do Batik and understand how important this tradition is for Indonesians in Java.

48. Swing on the world’s highest swing in Baños, Ecuador.

49. Literally be in between two tectonic plates (and underwater) along Silfra Rift in Island.

50. Admire a fire that is burning ever since 1971 at the « doors of hell », in Turkmenistan.



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