5 must-go destinations for spiritual travel

It seems to me that when you’re already an adult and some things have changed your way of looking at things, you start wondering who you really are. This is meant to happen to all of us at some point. Many questions you don’t have answers for start to pop up in your head and it comes very clear to you that what you need is just to unplug.

People usually travel because of many possible reasons and this one in particular, is the one that will connect your mind with your soul in the deepest way. The places you’ll be visiting, their ancestral cultures and the fact that you will realise everything is not as society taught you, will transform you and make this trip the most unforgettable ever. This is not about religion at all, it’s about finding who you really are while enjoying the pleasure of traveling.

Spiritual travel will give you a state of mind that is very difficult to reach nowadays, so if you want a quick guide on the best places to practise spiritual travel, this is my ultimate one:

Rishikesh, India - For yoga lovers

spiritual travelRichard Dalois

One of the most visited countries for this matter is India. Besides the poverty and misery you can see here -which is actually a really good way to become a much more down-to-earth person-, Rishikesh is the world’s temple of yoga.

Hindi pilgrims come to this place for meditation and no matter what your yoga level is, there’s a place for you here. There are several ashrams (communities where you live with a spiritual guide) to choose from.

Útila, Honduras - For diving lovers

Útila HondurasFreedive Utila

If you are into something a little less conventional, here’s an alternative for those of you who want to find the meaning of life doing some sport, concretely, 30 metres under water. Yes, here in Utila, you can  learn how to do freediving: a technique of immersing in the sea holding your breath for over four minutes.

This sport combines meditation and yoga in a breathtaking turquoise paradise. And it will allow you to control the energy of your body. A really good hack for daily stress!

Camino de Santiago, Spain - For trekking/hiking lovers

Camino de Santiago20 minutos

Focusing on reflexion, deep meditation and helping other travellers (no matter what their religion or beliefs are), el Camino is one of the most famous ways of getting to know yourself while you enjoy a good dose of hiking, trekking and making new friends, whose experiences will enlighten your path.

You can start the trip in different places in Galicia, Portugal and even in France, all the way until the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Definitely, something you have to see at least once in life.

Kumano Kodo, Japan - For nature lovers

kumano kodo japanCNN Travel

Japan is also a must destination for spiritual travel. The trekking to Kumano Kodo is one of the most recommended by UNESCO and it’s located in Kii Hanto peninsula, where you’ll find yourself living in the woods, surrounded by animals, amazing waterfalls and green landscapes.

In the temple of this city, you’ll be able to live with extremely quiet monks, learning about how they apply their spiritual beliefs to have a happier and healthier life.

Mazunte, Mexico - For silence lovers

mazunte mexicoViajes Daily

This is the perfect option if you want a drastic change in your life, along with spending ten days no talking at all. The environment where you’ll be living will be totally wild: woods and the tranquility you only can find in a small village like Mazunte. This Retreat of Silence will allow you to meditate several hours a day, do some yoga and learn how to work in your everyday life with the inner peace you’ll find in this magnificent place.

As you can see, whether you’re looking for mental calmness, getting in shape or meditating about what’s going on in your life, spiritual travel will be a perfect option for sharing experiences and learning how to cope with your inner self in order to improve your everyday life.
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