5 best places in the world for trekking and hiking

best places in the world for trekking

There are many ways for us to explore the world. We can simply travel to a new destination, joining different kinds of tours and start a journey of discovery.

Today we want to share a trendy and healthy way of travel: we made a list of the best places in the world for trekking and hiking with our guides!

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More and more people like to improve their health and stay fit by going to the gym daily or starting a diet. One of the best way to keep fit and healthy is traveling! There are many studies shown that having vacation can reduce stress, heart disease, and provide mental stimulation. Having a hiking or trekking activity in your itinerary can make your trip healthier and generate more fun.

Spending time in the nature has many health benefits, and here we are presenting the selection of hiking/trekking activities from our best guides with strong passion in outdoor activities! And stay tuned! We will shortly come back with more outdoor activities.

Let’s build a healthy mind in a healthy body!


1 - Explore northern Colombia

Santander is a north-central Colombian department in the Andes mountains. It's characterized by river valleys and rugged terrain. This is a perfect place for many outdoor activities such as hiking in Andes mountain, rafting, paragliding and canyoning.

What do you say, shall we go on a three-day tour with Fernando?

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2 - Get ready to take the first step in Argentina

“Everything you need is close to your feet. The Earth lives under your feet and is asking you to traverse it, to enjoy it, to take care of it,” says from Santiago, our guide in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche is in Argentina’s Patagonia, and is a town bordering Lago Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded by the snow-crowned Andes.

Apart from hiking, he also offers biking, kayaking and horse riding in this beautiful mountain area.

Bring your Andes mint chocolate and hike in the Andes!

fisrt step in Argentina 

3 - Experience the adapted trekking in Spain

Have you ever thought about trekking with disables, or being able to trek when your body is not able to walk around? Joëlette is a one-wheeled chair that needs two people to assist the passenger.

Our professional guide is a mountain lover, and he makes us realize there is no obstacle or limit even though you are disabled on something. Let’s discover the beauty in Mallorca without boundary.

What are we waitng for?  find out more!

4 - Escaping from the crowd in Mexico City

After your visit in Mexico City, you may consider moving to the south and visit Tepoztlan. This is a magical town with beautiful landscapes and a lots of history. Over there, you can enjoy an exotic ice cream, the locals will even make you try the insect. But most importantly, Tepoztlan is a perfect place for hiking, rappelling, and discover passages and caves hidden in sierra.  

Join Rocio and find out the unknown places in Mexico.

Let's follow Rocio!


5 - Let the night shroud you from the top of a mountain in Chile

If you are a lover of nightlife, you will probably like to see the nightlife in a different way. Raimundo, our guide, will take us to a mountain where you can have wonderful views of Santiago de Chile.

Imaging about yourself hiking in the mountain at 8:00 pm, reaching the viewpoint at 11:00 pm. Doesn’t it sound extraordinary to you? 

Let's enjoy the night in the mountain!

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Traveling as a solidary experience 

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