Travel with local authentic experiences: U2GUIDE is rebooting!

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Today, you will discover the most accomplished version of U2GUIDE. The fruit of several months of dedicated work.

Our brand and our website are evolving to better carry our unchanged concept.

To enrich the travel with local authentic experiences offered by ‘Insider guides’, and to incorporate to it a social impact through trusted partner NGOs financed through 50% of profits earned.

Our team is quite excited to announce the launch of ‘U2GUIDE Live True’! And we have reasons to believe that you’ll love it too!

Elegant, modern, and still 100% social impact oriented, U2GUIDE Live True is an evolution of substance and form. It’s built on 2 years of experience and lessons learnt. Our brand identity gained in maturity, and our platform in performance.

U2GUIDE Live True has a powerful, reassuring and soothing color scheme. It embodies our values: joy, warmth, passion, optimism, friendship, solidarity, transparency, trust, authenticity…

Discover U2GUIDE Live True

We leave behind our former logo and its compass for a dashing, bold, and timeless one. A curve symbolizes the horizon and its opportunities; a part that is subtly masked represents the unknown element of travel, and the relationship of trust: in one another, in our partners, in adventure, and in the future; finally, its spaced and crisp typography conveys our transparency as well as our professionalism.

‘Live True’ is our new slogan. It brings together our proposition of authenticity, human connexions, spirit of adventure, search for meaning, and solidarity…

To accompany this brand identity evolution, and taking into account the feedback of thousands of users, we have renewed the user experience as well as our entire website.

It is sleek, intuitive, and 100% mobile friendly. Its content is of high quality, and local experiences published are systematically validated. Each local experience must combine some of the following criteria: exclusivity of experience, traveler participation, an element of conviviality, a unique perspective, or the creation of social impact.

Check it out!

The new platform also integrates innovative and practical features: an exchange-based booking system, management of bookings according to their status… It facilitates research, comparison, and booking of the local experiences listed on the platform: wishlists, readily available key information, live chat…

Lastly, it considerably reinforces the visibility and accessibility of our partner NGOs.

In summary, U2GUIDE Live True completely renews the experience.

Now exists a strong, consistent, and distinct brand identity, thus an easily identifiable one, paired with a platform with unparalleled performance, innovative features, and whose use remains extraordinarily simple.

Prepare to enter a new world, to discover a new land, to live an incredible journey


See you soon on,

The (very excited) U2GUIDE Team!


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