Meet Ben, your travel guide in South Africa

travel guide in south africa

Meet Ben, your travel guide in South Africa and discover this incredible country from the inside.

Tell us a little more about yourself, who you are, where you're from, what your passions are, and what you do:

I am a young, single male that was born in Belgium and have spent almost half my life living and travelling around Africa.
I was born with severe allergies to day-jobs and careers and found that traveling is one of the best cures for these illnesses.
My passions would definitely be more water based landing as a young teen on the eastern shores of South Africa where the surf cooks more often than not and when the waves are flat there is brilliant diving and lobster hunting to be done.
I did my Padi Scuba instructor qualifications to try and maintain my lifestyle while earning a bit, but nothing beats the freedom of making a plan, hunting for fish or sharing your mates catch.
At the moment im trying to get going on my own feet without an employer, which is not easy, yet well worth it.

What's the most amazing experience you've had on your travels?

Can't really pin point an experience because there are quite a few, i guess ill just pick a would be in sodwana bay , where Loggerhead turtles nest on the beaches. Now we had been monitoring this nest for a while and had estimated which nights the little turtles would hatch. After a few nights of staking out the nest to no avail we finaly struck luck in the early hours of a perfect morning. By the the time they started hatching it was still pitch dark and we were taking video and lots of pictures. It took a few hours for the baby turtles to stop pouring out of the nest and by the time the flow of reptiles started to slow down the sun had broken the horizon. So we all got very excited and started scratching around for snorkeling gear (which is normally readily available when you are a dive guide). After getting geared up we decided to follow the little young ones out to sea and join them for their very first taste of salt water. Little did we know the carnage that was going on just past the white foam of the breakers. These little snack sized turtles are a favorite feed of many of the oceans apex predators. As we got past the waves we were treated to the spectacular and hair-raising views of schools of countless sharks, trevallys and diving birds just causing mayhem. As much as we tried to protect the newborns it is a morning i will never forget. Getting to see these ancient animals procreate and witnessing first hand how cruel the ocean can be. an experience i will never forget

What is the best advice you would give to someone traveling?

My best advice would be to not listen to anyone's advice. It is your journey, your adventure...not theirs. if you truly want to feel like you have achieved something new or explored in a different way, then just do it exactly the way you want to.

Why did you decide to become a guide, either in real life and / or on U2Guide?
When people started asking me ''how do you know all this stuff about this area'' it was a good indication that i might be able to create a platform for me to sustain myself and share my knowledge.

What kind of activity/activities would you offer on U2Guide?

Diving, freediving, spearfishing, hunting, safaris, walking safaris, hikes, birdwatching, reptile searching.

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