11 reasons why travel transforms the world into a better place

does travel transforms the world into a better place
Although I haven’t traveled to that many places, I think I have quite some knowledge about the positive effects traveling has on every person that’s tried it.

But… it isn’t just a matter of becoming a better person and opening your mind to new things, losing your fear to the unknown; traveling is also about making the world a better place to live, creating benefits in areas like tourism (obviously), social and human development and even in your daily life, making it way better than before. Now, let’s discover together why travel transforms the world into a better place:

When it comes to economy, traveling...

11. Allows job creation

Traveling is the main source of employment creation: because you travel, millions of people around the world can work as hotel staff, local guides, waiters, sellers at local markets and many other things, including the construction of infrastructures and even giving entrepreneurs the chance to reinterpret the tourism industry with innovative ideas.    

10. Boosts inner economies

The more tourists travel, the more locally produced goods are sold, especially in the peak season; businesses pay more salaries and spend more money when supplying themselves, giving a great boost to their economies.


how travel boosts inner economiesPeter Hershey

9. Supports global trading

Therefore, traveling is practically supporting global trade: not just they spend their money on basic human needs like clothing, food, lodges, etc.; but they also please themselves with souvenirs, amusement of all kinds, outdoor activities whose incomes help maintain the good look of the city, their landmarks and a big variety of activities that require sometimes exporting and importing different sorts of raw materials and supplies. 

8. Re-injects money into local businesses

The more you travel, the more money is re-injected into local economies, mainly benefiting people that live out of locally produced products. This is why I strongly recommend avoiding big companies when traveling and going for the small markets or family-run businesses. They will really thank you and you’re doing a lot of good to improving their economy.


When it comes to the evolution of society, traveling…

7. Makes people’s minds expand

Traveling and getting to know the world is a need for society to develop quicker. And I’m not talking about economics or numbers; I’m talking about not being stuck in one reality- which is a very dangerous thing for so many people nowadays.

6. Helps communities grow

By traveling the world, you will have the most valuable weapon to fight against ignorance and narrow-mindedness and to help your community grow in the right way. Even if it’s little by little: the more we learn to behave as a community, the less inequalities there will be, we will believe less in stereotypes and won’t make differences according to our neighbour’s color, religion or ethnicity.


How travel helps communities growClem Onojeghuo

5. Changes society models

As a clear example, look at Chinese society: until just a few decades ago, they had been one of the closest countries ever, but since the late 70’s many reforms and the opening of their frontiers made it possible for millions of Chinese to start traveling around the world, becoming the main tourism force existing. By 2020, there will already be 100 million Chinese people traveling abroad.


When it comes to your daily life, traveling...

4. Gives you a better chance of improving your career

In the work environment, people who have visited many countries are more prone to have certain skills like taking decisions quickly or knowing how to handle pressure. It’s implied that they can understand the intricacies of working and living abroad and can bring new ideas and opportunities to the company, that may not be seen otherwise. Perspective is everything.

3. Shows you how to cope with stress

People who have traveled are way more flexible and know how to handle stress in a healthier way. Traveling lets you see the bigger picture and makes you think that your “problems” are not that significant, so you can rearrange your priorities and focus in what really matters. This way, you can do your best everyday of your life, letting small stuff go and just moving forward with every step.


How travel helps you cope with stressBlake Lisk

2. Makes you know a lot more about (almost) everything

If we talk about general knowledge, even very useful for your job or career, traveling is a constant learning process: you get to understand a lot more about geography, typical cuisine, traditions, inner codes and ways of living in different parts of the world. And you never know when all these stuff can come in handy.

1. Gives you what it takes to face unexpected situations & be overall more useful

You definitely get braver. Travel teaches you that unexpected situations can always get in your way, but you will be able to find a solution for sure. If you could get out of difficult times thousands of kilometres away from home, why wouldn’t you be able to do the same back in your daily routine? This even enables you to take some risks when it comes to be more valuable for society: for instance, beginning a project you really believe in to help people in need, or whatever idea that inspires you.

What about you? What are the reasons you think traveling makes the world a better place? Any other suggestion to this positive list of advantages of wandering the world? Leave us a message!
Traveling as a solidary experience

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