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In this post, you will learn all about getting a complete & exciting profile. Following these essentials will surely increase your booking requests rates and reach out more Travelers ;-)


Our team is ready to assist you, at anytime. If you'd like us to create your profile and/or activities content, just send us your answers to the following questions at

  • How old are you, where do you come from, where do you live?
  • What's your philosophy regarding travel? What are your passions?
  • Why you want to guide Travelers with U2GUIDE? Which NGO you'd like to support (cf. list of partner NGOs)
  • For each activity: How would you describe your activity in few words? Where the activity takes place? What are the main insights (historical sights, activity, ...)? Would travelers meet locals? If so, how? Are you certified to do it (i.e. paragliding, circuit, diving, ...)?
  • Do you need pictures?

Once we receive your answers, we'll get back to you with a content! If you need help just for a polishing, let us know as well :)


  • Username: Why not write your own name (i.e. Mike L.), whether you're a Traveler, a Guide or a Travel agency's coordinator? People would rather say "Hello Mike" than "Hello SunsetOnAmazingMekong56!"
  • Picture (Square, 200 x 200 pixels): People like funny & original pictures. Be creative! And remember that people would prefer talking to Mike with a picture of him rather than with a picture of a Sunset over the Mekong river :) And you can still put nice picture of Mekong River as your activities pictures.
  • Descriptions: in particular for guides & NGOs, better to write all descriptions in all languages you speak. If Mike speaks Spanish but writes his descriptions only in English, our friends from South America & Spain might miss him. "¡Qué pena!" ;-)

See for yourself: which of the 2 following profiles looks more serious & attractive ?

guide tips



THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in order to get Travelers to trust you (before getting your first clients review) ! U2GUIDE allows you to invite your friends and/or former 'clients' to write positive comments on your profile. How to do it? Very easy:

  • Log-in
  • Click on your username (top right of the homepage) and select "your activities"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page 
  • In the field "Comments", just write down the email of your friends & former clients (separated by ";")
  • Validate: your friends will receive an invitation to comment your profile
  • The level of trust towards you and your activities increases!



HIGHLY IMPORTANT as well. Once again, we'd be happy to help you anytime (, as suggested earlier in this post. Before highlighting key points to pay attention to, let's review the booking process:

  • You list an activity with a brief and attractive description: we promote it worldwide.
  • Travelers love it and request a booking: you receive an email with a link to access the booking request. You can also check it out via "your bookings".
  • You reply (or not) by sending a detailed quotation according to Travelers needs and agenda. Two options: For simple or short activities, you promptly reply with basics (if there's no need to give details). For tours or longer activities, you can edit a detailed quotation (on a day by day basis) with pictures. Any detailed quotation that you've created is saved in your profile and you can use it (and modify it) for any future booking request. GOOD TO KNOW: within this quotation, you can introduce any other fellow guide who would be in charge of running the activity. This guide will be saved and appear into your profile only (not publicly visible) and you'll be able to introduce him/her for any future booking request.
  • Travelers book and pay! Here you go!

The brief description of your activity is crucial! Here-below are the key points to pay attention to, in order to get a great activity description:

  • Description: be brief but attractive! 10 or 15 lines shall be enough. Try to describe the activity, the key places which might be visited, the interaction with locals, what travelers might see and experience, ... better to write all descriptions in all languages you speak. If Mike speaks Spanish but writes his descriptions only in English, our friends from South America & Spain might miss him. "Que peña!"
  • Location: Do not forget to put either a country or a city for each of your activities... or Travelers might not find your activities online.
  • Picture (460 x 330 pixels): Upload nice pictures which illustrate your activity. You can also contact us and we would be happy to provide relevant pictures (especially for landscapes, locals, ...).
  • Price: Price you set in this brief description is not final but should be more or less what Trveler would paid. You would set the final price within the final & detailed quotation.  Please also consider that a tiny commission will be taken (cf. guide service fees). Following feedbacks from Travelers, it sounds like for tour/trips, people prefer seeing prices per day & per people.



Awaiting your 5 stars rating, Travelers would rather trust you for a short trip or for a single activity. Hence, we advise you to list several activities with different prices rather than only one, and not only list long all-included tours, but also shorter activities (such as a city tour of a few hours only, ...). More activities means more chances to get a booking request!

NB: As soon as a guide gets 5 activities done with an average rating >4 stars, U2GUIDE will offer him/her new payment options (microcredits).

That's all! Be in touch if you need any assitance. We're only a click away at

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