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local markets to visit
In my opinion, local market is the best place to see what the real local lifestyle is, and is also one of the best ways to get the ultimate taste in a city. I grew up in a country that has special feature on street food in night markets, and it’s a habit for me to get dinner or refreshment almost everyday in the night market when I was in Taiwan.


Every time I travel, as a budget traveler, I never forget to check out the local markets. It’s my way to taste authentic but budget-friendly local cuisines, and it’s an idea of living like a local resident. Nothing can give you a greater insight into local shopping but a local market. Check out our recommendation of local markets to visit around the world, and enjoy the bargain and the taste of the city.


1- Night Markets in Taipei, Taiwan

One of the interesting things to do at night in Taipei is walking around in the night market. There are quite a few in Taipei, the biggest one you can visit is Shilin night market. This is a lifestyle for the locals, and you can taste more than 100 different Taiwanese street food in the night market.

What’s special in the market:

You would smell something really strong and stinky while you are walking on the allies in the night market. That is stinky tofu, which is one of the most famous local food in Taiwan. Stop by the vendor selling stinky tofu, and make a try.

Night Markets in Taipei



2- Witch Market in La Paz, Bolivia

The Witches' Market, also known as El Mercado de las Brujas, is a popular traveler attraction located in Cerro Cumbre, a mountain clearing in La Paz, Bolivia. The Witches' Market is run by local witch doctors, they are selling the products including magical medicines, dried frogs, medicinal plants like retama and armadillos used in Bolivian rituals.

What’s special in the market:

You can buy the dried llama baby from the witch market. It is said that the dried llama baby should be buried under the house for bringing both prosperity good luck.

 Witch Market in La Paz



3- Marché des biffins in Paris, France

The biffins is a nickname taken from a word of old French designating a cloth and subsequently. Marché des Biffins is a self-managed market taking place in Montreuil, East of Paris. Up to a thousand street vendors paced the outskirts of the Porte Montmartre every day and people going there for exchanging goods or bargain for different products.

What’s special in the market:

In the ¨Halle du marché de la Croix de Chavaux¨, biffins are selling second-hand objects, trinkets and objects found in the trash. What I love about this market is that it’s all about solidarity since it allows people in precarious situations to diversify their source of income but also ecological. You’ll be amazed by the quantity of things we throw that may still be useful to others.

Marché des biffins in Paris



4- Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand

This is one of the world’s biggest weekend markets, which has more than 15,000 booths selling different goods from different regions in Thailand. This market has become a popular shopping center for both Thai people and travelers around the world. There is almost everything you can find and you can also enjoy bargaining the local price.

What’s special in the market:

Apart from the handicraft products selling in the market, you can actually really taste the authentic Thai food. For example, the fresh-made papaya salad, that you can see a person putting all the ingredients in a big wooden bowl and mixing them with two big wooden sticks. And a mango rice is also a must try in the market.


Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok



5- Food Market in Beijing, China

This food market doesn’t really sound like a normal food market. The food market in Beijing, especially the one in Wanfujing, is famous for different kind of meat. Beside the beef, chicken, you can see scorpions, grasshoppers or dried cocoons being put on the stick and ready for eat.

What’s special in the market:

The food market can be traced back to the Ming dynasty. And it has a great mix of different regions in China, such as Mongolian group, Tibetan group, and Hui group (Islamic ethic group).  


Food Market in Beijing



6- Christmas Market in Budapest, Hungary

When December comes every year, the Christmas markets in Budapest are set in the main areas. This is one of the cities where you can feel strong Christmas atmosphere, along with the nearby countries such as Czech, Austria and Germany which also you can see the Christmas markets around the city.

What’s special in the market:

Hot red wine and a local dessert Kürtőskalács are commonly sold in the market and they are the must-try food.

 Christmas Market in Budapest



7- Kejetia Market in Kumasi, Ghana

In Kumasi, everyday is a market day. It is ranked the biggest market in West Africa and there are more than 10,000 stalls covering 12 hectares. Once you get in the market, you feel you are in the jungle, and traffic disappears since all the stalls cover every path, you can only squeeze yourself with the crowd.

What’s special in the market:

There is no doubt that you can get almost everything in the market, But the interesting thing you will see is, in many stalls, vendors pile their products from the floor to the ceiling, including food (chicken).

 Kejetia Market in Kumasi



8- Souq al-Gomaa (Friday market) in Cairo, Egypt

It is one of the biggest in market in Egypt. On the other hand, Souq al-Gomaa draws tens of thousands of Cairo’s poorest people every week. In the market, they can both buy and sell almost any kind of junk, ornament, or treasure at a price that they can afford. It does occasionally draw foreigners, struggling students, married couples and curious visitors.

What’s special in the market:

Unlike most of the local market, this is the market mainly for low to middle class people. You can see the extremely old or broken merchandise selling in Souq al-Gomaa, and it is said that many stolen products are being sold in the market too.

Souq al-Gomaa in Cairo



9- Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Bloemenmarkt is the world's only floating flower market. At the Amsterdam flower market, you’ll find tulips in different color, either in bouquets or as bulbs. But the market has far more than just tulips. Besides cut flowers, there are plenty of house plants, seeds and gardening essentials.

What’s special in the market:

Probably the oddest thing you are likely to see in the market is Cannabis Starter Kits. There are few cannabis seeds (or even in soil or moss) being sold in these stalls for around 3 to 6 euros.


Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam



10- Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan

We all know that one of the most famous and common food in Japan is sushi. In Japan, many sushi restaurants order and purchase the fresh fishes from fish markets. Some cooking classes in Japan even include a visit in fish market. If you want to witness the busiest and biggest fish market, you should never miss out Tsukiji fish market.

What’s special in the market:

From 3am to 6am, there are two sets of tuna auction in the market which only allows 60 visitors to watch the auction. After the auction, it’s popular to have a fishy breakfast in Tsukiji market.  

 Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo



11- Johri Bazaar in Jaipur, India

Jaipur is also called Pink City in India, because the color of stones in most of the architectures is pink. It has been the special good fortune of Jaipur that arts, crafts, architecture and fine arts continued to develop here. Jaipur is also a centre of attraction for artists and men of genius from all over the world, this Pink city has become their favourite work place and it also made a name in the sphere of gems.

What’s special in the market:

Johri Bazaar is famous for its artificial and real jewellery. You can spend the whole day in this huge market, and end up with buying plenty of jewelleries with good price.

 Johri Bazaar in Jaipur


No matter where you are, it’s worth to take a look of local markets and it’s always a good way to sample the local life. With the local insiders, you are able to see how locals bargain the price in their local markets, and get the most authentic taste of the city.  

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