20 hints on how to take the perfect Instagram travel shot

hints on how to take the perfect Instagram travel shot 
My dear people… As you may know, Instagram is one of the most used social media in the world, with over 600 millions users.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. And sometimes, taking the perfect picture gets more complicated than expected.

My point here is for all the readers to realize that Instagram, at least for me, isn’t just a cool tool to show your tan in the summer; it can be used for many other purposes, such as keeping in touch with your family when traveling the world; focusing on important projects for you (creating quite some awareness about kids, food, sports, landscapes…) or keeping your experiences safeguarded in the format of beautiful pics. The possibilities are much wider than you think!

That’s why I am here to solve all your problems and give out these 20 hints on how to take the perfect Instagram travel shot- whatever your reasons are:



The personal touch

1. Always keep in mind that it’s YOUR picture, so it should say something about what’s inside of you, how you see the world, no matter what you’re shooting at.

2. Find the effects, angles and targets that define you the best: maybe it’s a vivid and colourful scenario, a picture that reflect many stories at the same time or something that inspires calmness and peace in a natural environment. The vibe you’ll get when pressing the button will be crucial!





The light

3. Even if you’re not used to taking that many pictures and don’t have a great composition in front of you, if you get the right lighting, the result can be very rewarding.

4. Always try to take the shots on sunrises or sunsets, when the best colours appear and be aware of where you’re shooting, so you can adapt your filters to the situation: deleting all the yellows if the pic is taken from the inside and playing with the shadows if you have plenty of sun outdoors.





The frame

5. Pay a lot of attention to how your pictures end up framed, since this is something you can’t fix later.

6. Move around from one place to another in open spaces to get the best balance of elements.

7. Try as many angles as you can when picturing specific things like food or people.

8. Make it as “square” as you can, given the format of the Instagram settings for uploading your images.



"@mypsacetom here — It’s my final shot for the the T+L takeover, folks! The last five photos posted on the T+L account have been from my travels through Asia. This is from a Thai lantern festival held in November every year; truly a wonderful event that you should experience at least once in your life! There are THOUSANDS of these lanterns let go in a very solemn ceremony. It starts quiet, meditative, with chants and incense… but when the lantern are let go, it breaks into excited yelps — pure joy and smiles. I ran around capturing photos of people as they let the lanterns go, and this shot was one of my favorites. ☺️ Hope you enjoyed my photography and I hope you follow me for more at @myspacetom."

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The target 

9. It’s essential to have one, it can be a group of people, a flower or a tasty ice cream. Don’t shoot just because, without knowing what you want to target exactly.

10. You should always focus in one specific target and capture it very clearly, either it’s in the centre or behind some other element. The important thing is to get the right perspective, wherever your target is placed.

11. The more you bring your attention to a specific point, the less editing you will have to do.





The horizon line 

12. Not everybody takes it into account, but it makes it so much easier to create a balance among all your layers in the picture if you set a horizon.

13. You can do it “manually” (when shooting) or ask Instagram to do it for you.

14. If you edit your work more professionally, most of the programmes can also set a horizon line to make everything more balanced.





The balance

 15. It can be created with so many types of compositions, you don't have to have a concrete centred focus.

16. Play with the placement of the elements in your picture, making it not end up with too many things on one side and nothing at all in the opposite one.

17. One of the best techniques is to balance the close-ups with the mid levels and the background. The three of them should take up more or less the same space (being one of the the main focus).





The saturation 

18. The most recurrent mistake on Instagram. People put too much saturation in the pics that they end up not even looking real. The rule is to intensify the colours just a 15%, not more.

19. The same happens with the filters. If you want to capture a beautiful landscape, it better be as natural as possible. Have fun with the blue of of the sky or even with your skin tone, but just a bit.

20. The shades, nuances and richness of your caption also say a lot of your good (or bad) taste to make the perfect shot. So be careful!



Special Instagram accounts you’re going to love


Tentree: This account has the best nature pictures you will ever see; and more important: for every clothing item that you shop in their online store, ten trees are planted all over the world. They have exceeded the 12 million trees! More info here:

Daxon: A quokkas (Australian typical animal) lover, who takes hilarious selfies with every animal he comes across. He works to spread happiness and nature awareness wherever he goes!

Food52: This account will teach how to eat better- with amazing dishes pictures. You will get hungry in a minute! The more than one million followers they have can confirm it for sure!

Cory Richards: This National Geographic journalist is a master of portraying the most wonderful nuances of every culture, focusing a lot in the human aspect. You’re going to love his work; you can travel from America to Africa in just a couple of photos!


U2GUIDE: You will also be able to find the most amazing pics in U2GUIDE's account, very oriented to people and getting the most out of every culture. You won't be disappointed if you're a travel geek!

As you can see, being the perfect photo taker has its tricks. There are so many people that have amazing shots uploaded on Instagram, that inspiring yourself through their ideas can be a great starting point if you’re heading to an exciting place, if you want to do some good to the community or if you just want to eat healthier.

Traveling as a solidary experience

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