7 Cheap Spots in Latin America to Visit ASAP

Latin America, any place you visit here, is always on your bucket list. It’s just a place that has a special charm to it and stays with your soul forever. I know from experience. That’s why I want to recommend to you travelers some cheap spots in Latin America to visit and fall in love with the people, landscapes and local culture! Here we go!

Antigua, Guatemala

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I’ve already talked about this city some months ago and I’ll name it as many times as necessary. It’s one of the loveliest and most calm places on the whole continent. Not only because the colonial vibes, but because it’s the perfect spot to get to know locals, learn about the culture of the country in a quiet way and do not break the bank. Activities like climbing the Cerro Negro volcano and getting some amazing views of the city will make your trip really worth it!



Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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Honduras itself is an affordable place to travel, from top to bottom. If you’re into nature, 25 kilometres away from Tegucigalpa, you’ll find La Tigra National Park, where you’ll immerse into an actual jungle while you support ecological preservation. The capital is pretty full of nice parks and free places to visit, which really give you some hints about the national culture. Personally, all the religious signs, like the San Miguel Arcangel cathedral, are exceptional examples to visit with a local to learn how much religion means to them. Really inspiring!



Mendoza, Argentina

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Yes, of course, you want to visit Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, but they’re some of the most expensive parts of Latin America no doubt, so go wandering other parts of this beautiful country, which definitely has some amazing (and very cheap) areas, like Mendoza, in the north. In Plaza España, locals gather to take some time to read together (how awesome is that?) and activities like astro-tourism are organized- with are cost 0- for all lovers of skies and constellations. Horse-riding is also an awesome activity to do among the impressive mountains of the surroundings.



Quito, Ecuador

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It’s said to be the best preserved country of all Latin America and Quito, the capital, has a historic centre that’s been Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1978, where hundreds of little bars and restaurants make locals and tourists gather all together to enjoy the incredible nightlife. Some other places to visit, which are actually free or very affordable, are El Panecillo (a natural viewpoint that’s more than 3000 meters over the sea level) and the Quito cable car, one of the highest in the world. When you get to the top, you can even do some trekking and climbing!



San Jose, Costa Rica

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Travelers don’t give enough credit, in my opinion, to such an amazing country. It has the most varied ecosystem in the planet- and take into account that it’s not a big country. Some delicious coffee is locally produced here and you can try it freshly toasted in the Mercado Central (Central Market), where you’ll have the chance to cook with the nicest ingredients that locals sell, which are a true reflection of the way they live and think. Yes, I do believe that food (and specially markets) says it all about any country or place you visit. Just try it!


La Paz, Bolivia

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Bolivia is known to be the most affordable country in the continent, so that’s quite an incentive to go! But beside that, La Paz has such a nice vibe, so kind and warm when it comes to meeting locals and getting to know their customs and everyday life. A nice place to go is el Mercado de las Brujas (Witches Market). Yes… Yet another market, it’s just that they’re so typical in Latin America (and so cheap!). If you’re looking for some nature, the Illimani mountains (more than 6000 metres above sea level) are a great option to trek, spot some amazing views and unwind from a busy day.



San Juan, Puerto Rico

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San Juan (and all Puerto Rico in general) is an inexpensive place most of the year - except during the peak season, of course, where prices can get higher due to fuel and importations. That’s why I recommend you traveling in the off-season months, which is not only much more affordable, but will allow you to visit this beautiful city more quietly. There are really nice spots like Rincon Village and Maria’s beach, perfect for doing some surf. If you want some city action, visit El Viejo San Juan, the colonial part of the capital, which is plenty of colourful houses and cute little local shops. You’ll love it!


If you asked me, I’d immediately run to fly to Latin America. I don’t think (and this a personal opinion), that there is a more charming place on Earth. People can’t be nicer and if you dig a bit, you can get to learn so many amazing things from them. Latin Americans are usually very open and receptive to people, you won’t ever feel alone, even if you travel alone. Just remember to be respectful with the village you visit, always choose the most sustainable options when it comes to transportation, doing sports or even shopping!

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