5 Cheapest Countries in Asia to Visit

Whether you’re looking for a place to stay with your BFFs on your girls trips or just eyeing the Internet to figure out where you want to head, these Asian destinations are perfect for two reasons. Not breaking the bank and getting to know stunning places with a wonderful and welcoming culture. These are our picks!

1. Cambodia

It’s becoming a very popular destination in Asia, especially among young people who want to pay very little money for a dream trip. In Cambodia, this is possible. One hack you can perfectly pull off in Cambodia is renting an apartment if you’re staying for a few weeks, which will also allow you to live the local experience at another level. This will cost you even less than a hostel! You can get away with paying not even $3 per night for a backpacker room and $50 if you’re going over the top. Nature is one of the highlights of the country, so activities like chasing the sunset by bike can cost $20 and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters is around $12 for an entire day. Food-wise, in street markets, local dishes cost between $0.75 and $2 max.


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2. India

Such. An. Amazing. Country. Lately, Southeast Asia has been so popular among travelers, that we are almost forgetting about countries like India, whose culture is so enriching to any outsider! And… the daily life is among the cheapest five in the continent. Yes, that’s right. An “All you can eat” restaurant barely costs $2 and I can tell you… Typical Indian food has no comparison. Food markets like the Chandni Chowk one, located in a tiny laneway in Delhi, offer delicious dishes for hardly $1 and (very affordable) activities like visiting ancient cities (Varanasi and Abhaneri are really “rough” authentic options) to enrich your trip with places that are thousands of years old.


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3. Vietnam

Not the place everyone is raving about right now, but such a recommendable destination. Not only because it’s extremely cheap due to the kind of unspoiled tourism it welcomes, but because landscapes and culture are something from the outer world! $12 per day are more than enough, including your staying, food and transportation. The rural life and more isolated villages are really worth a visit. Dalat, in the central highlands, is the place to go whether you’re looking for pine-covered hills, waterfalls, lakes and warm temperatures, where biking is a great sustainable activity you can do surrounded by impressive nature and prices are very low.

Read here our article on how to visit Vietnam sustainably!


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4. Sri Lanka

Tea plantations, the finest sand in the beaches and the deepest most enriching Buddhist culture make of Sri Lanka a paradise or travelers, where you can perfectly live with $25 a day. You have plenty of low-cost bargains regarding hostels, food and activities. If you know how to find the right tuk-tuk driver, he will sneak you in some temples, where tourists usually pay high fees for getting in.

Sri Lankan local dinners made of rice and curry (the staple meal for every local) are around $2. Typical food is something you must try, the contrasts of their cuisine is very special to a palate that’s not used to it: coconut milk, chillies, cinnamon, garlic, curry leaves and… eating with your fingers i going to offer you the most authentic (and affordable) culinary experience!


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5. Indonesia

Last but not least, you find Indonesia, a country that consists of 17,000 small islands and a great range of prices depending on where you’re heading concretely. My recommendation if you’re looking for not spending an arm and a leg is going for more remote (but equally beautiful) destinations like Sulawesi, Sumatra and Yogyakarta, where rooms cost around $4 and food can be actually a bargain if you look for the markets and street stalls that cater to locals (the night markets at Sanur and Seminyak offer very affordable dishes!). The incredible raw nature that covers the country will allow you to do adventure activities in the rainforests, climb Mt. Batur volcano to catch the sunrise or admire the Lotus Lagoon in Samuh Community (which is completely free!). (Read here a list of the most adventurous destinations in Southeast Asia, you'll love them!).


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As you can see, although I named just a few countries in Asia to visit which are really cheap to travel to, this continent offers you a really nice variety of options to try, whether it’s food, adventure, nature or culture-wise. It’s always a hit, believe me. Plus, these countries and pretty much Asia in general, are destinations where sustainable travel is a big thing. Locals are all about taking care of their resources and you can support small and family economies so easily, not being surrounded by so many big businesses like you are in other countries. Traveling with a conscious mind, knowing how your actions affect your environment and being able to have a word on it is the best way to go. Always. Just give it a go and tell us your experience!

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