25 most powerful reasons why people travel as much as possible

most powerful reasons why people travel
Traveling is not just being a tourist. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, you can guess that my vision of the world is not actually divided by countries.

I truly believe that we are one, although we share different bodies, ambitions, families, cultures… It’s in our DNA to have the desire to travel and of course every person has its own motivations. Here you have the ultimate compilation of the 25 most powerful reasons why people travel as much as possible:



1. To be happy

I don’t need to say anything else. This is the most important reason. Stick to this saying: “Do more of the things you love” and enjoy the wonderful gift of life.



2. To learn new things everyday

It can be how to say “thank you” in Swahili or how to make the most out of your food when backpacking. Every day is an opportunity to add something new to you travel wisdom.

travel to learn everyday

 Whyzz Explorer



3. To be FREE

I have mentioned this reason in many of my articles but, how important is it to feel we’re free birds for some time? No schedules, meetings, appointments or rules. Just you, the freeing road and your choices.



4. To have fun

Traveling for partying is a powerful reason actually to get to know to the world. Parties at the beach, discos until late hours in the night… Ending up with your heels in your hands instead of in your feet. The usual!



5. To take the time

We all have those moments when we need just to unplug and forget about our daily routines. Having moments for ourselves is one of the most effective therapies you can get involved in.

travel to take the time

Jeremy Bishop



6. To know yourself better

If you do it alone, when everything that worries you has taken a step to the side, you can learn so much about what you love and what you don’t, finding a more “defined” version of you in the way.



7. To know your travel buddies (a lot) better

If you’re a traveler who loves company, having your friends or family with you will for sure strengthen your bond forever.



8. To challenge yourself

A place you don’t know, where you don’t have friends or plans arranged, a new language, a different culture… Traveling allows you to get to know your boundaries and limits.

travel to challenge ourselves

Llywelyn Nys 



9. To experiment

There’s no better way to get out of your comfort zone than trying new things when wandering the world: a spicy taco, parachuting or a month living with an isolated tribe. Just do things differently from what you’re used to!



10. To learn to do some specific activity

How cool is to to go away to Paris to learn French cooking or to Honolulu to take your first steps on climbing? The best way to learn how to do something is to get involved in an environment full of what you’re learning!

travel to learn to do some specific activityKKDay 



11. To become a better version of yourself

There will be times where you’ll have to learn and help other travelers, be a psychologist, a guide or a translator. Traveling is as surprising as it can be. These experiences are all about connecting with others to be a better you.



12. To meet so many new people

For me, the best part. Every new friend or person you hang out with can mean a new story, adventure or even meeting the love of your life. Who knows?

people travel to meet new peopleMax Bender



13. To learn a new language

This you can do it when slow traveling, for instance. A new language means a whole new world of signs and interpretations of a culture. It can be very useful to improve your career when back home.



14. To try new food

Yes, and this has been researched by several studies. The main reason why we travel is food. Pretty basic but still one of the biggest pleasures in life.

people travel to try new foodJames Sutton



15. To work

Yes to wander the world while making money! You can choose to work a few hours per day and get free staying or work all day long. The way you do and what you do is totally up to you.



16. To study

You won’t have a better time than studying abroad. You would be able to mix what you’re currently learning with all the new people and experiences that will come across you.



17. To reconnect with nature

Even if you escape for two days, being in touch with nature will give you a lot of relax and calmness. This way, you’ll be reminded how lucky we are to live in such a amazing world. Believe me!


travel to reconnect with natureDavid Marcu 


18. To get rid of prejudices

Traveling will open your mind to world you didn’t expect, deleting stereotypes and making you understand that the only frontier that exist between humans is created by us.



19. To overcome your fears

When you travel, you realise you can do anything, especially if you’re by your own. “Fear” is a word that will disappear from your vocabulary, making you believe in yourself 100% more than before!



20. To learn how to live with less

If you’re a backpacker, you know what I’m talking about. Having to live with some dollars a day can get tough sometimes but it also teaches you that you don’t need any luxury to be happy.

viajamos para aprender a vivir con menos

Acorn Mag



21. To “fix” a broken heart

This kind of pain just heals with time actually, but unplugging from reality might help you get over a bad experience.



22. To re-build what you’ve been told your whole life

The wisdom you get when growing up is always relative, so don’t hesitate to question that and open your heart to new values and ways of thinking. Enrich your soul with the good you’ll find in other travelers or locals!



23. To get some inspiration

Getting out of your daily routine and seeing what’s waiting for you outside can be the best way to get another perspective of life to do things differently when coming back home- in your relationships, work or any other aspect.

travel to get some inspiration

Mahir Uysal



24. To help

Getting involved in a project you believe in to reach out to people that need you will give you way more than you expect. Sharing forces can make this world (and you) so much better!



25. To know awesome places

Of course… Although you believe in everything I said before, who doesn’t love to spend some days in a paradisiac island with fresh coconuts or delighting yourself with the northern lights in a cozy cabin? Say yes to wanderlust!

people travel to know awesome placesPartir aux Ameriques

I have a feeling I could go on and on about his subject for hours. We are so different on the inside and have so many particular expectations from life that these reasons will vary from one to another constantly. Anyway, I hope I inspired you to start thinking about your next trip already! If you have any other suggestion or comment to add to this post, just share it below!

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